Email Encryption Made Easy

The ISBA has partnered with Trustifi to provide members with the opportunity to easily integrate a military-grade encryption program and more into their email communications.

Emailing your client is convenient, but are you confident that it is secure? The challenge has never been greater, and the stakes have never been higher. You need to protect both your clients and your firm, and you need to do it without complicating the process. Trustifi understands this and offers a one-click system that is easy to use for both the sender and recipient.

The ISBA has made this service available to members for $25 per email account per year. To help members working remotely take a proactive approach to email security, the ISBA has authorized a three-month trial period Trustifi – free of charge.

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The Benefits of Trustifi

Trustifi’s easy-to-use email encryption service features an array of security and productivity tools that benefit individuals and businesses of all sizes. It's time you put your email to work for you.

  Single-Click Encryption
One button click is all it takes to send a fully secure military-grade encrypted email that’s easily opened by the recipient.
  Two-Factor Authentication
A protective extra layer of security, ensuring your recipient is the only person with access to the sent email.
  Secure Reply
Send encrypted emails that can be returned securely with a button click, for complete two-way encrypted communication.
  Email Postmark
Patented proof of content and delivery, Trustifi’s Postmark is a federally-accepted method for sending documents online.
  Communication Tracking
Full email visibility comes standard. You’re notified in real time when emails have been received, opened and read.

For more information regarding Trustifi, please attend one of our upcoming webinars or visit our FAQ page or one of our how-to-videos.