Young Lawyers Division Awards
Young Lawyers Division Award of Merit Recipients


The Iowa State Bar Association Young Lawyers Division Award of Merit was created in 1975 for the purpose of recognizing extraordinary service to the legal profession and / or the association. This award may be given to recognize an especially meritorious deed for service which significantly advances the goals of the legal profession or the ISBA. It may also be given to recognize the long-standing, exemplary service of a recipient to the legal profession or the ISBA.


Each year, nominations for the award are presented by a selection committee to the ISBA YLD Executive Committee After presentation of the name or names of the candidates for the consideration, the awardee(s) are confirmed by vote. The ISBA YLD President presents the award at the ISBA President’s Awards Gala.

1975 Allen Brennecke, Marshalltown

1976 W. Don Brittin, Jr., Des Moines

1977 Edgar Jones, Des Moines

1978 John Shors, Des Moines

1979 Mike Huston, Des Moines

1980 Edgar Hansell, Des Moines

1981 John Bickel, Cedar Rapids

1982 Marvin Duckworth, Des Moines

1983 Dennis Gray, Council Bluffs

1984 George Fagg, Des Moines

1985 Edward Jones, Des Moines

1986 John Lloyd, Osceola

1987 William Scherle, Des Moines

1988 Carroll Reasoner, Cedar Rapids

1989 Mary Lynn Neuhaus, Dubuque

1990 Thomas Henderson, Des Moines

1991 Lylea Critelli, Des Moines

1992 Nan Horvat, Des Moines

1993 Terrance Tobin, Des Moines

1994 Kirk Hartung, Des Moines

1995 Andrea Beacham, Dubuque

1996 Joseph Thornton, Council Bluffs

1997 Martha Fagg, Des Moines

1998 Edgar Hansell, Des Moines

1999 Alan Olson, Des Moines

2000 James Carney, Des Moines

2001 Roger Stetson, Des Moines

2002 Patricia Notch, Indianola

2003 Angela Lange, Des Moines and

Deanna Clingan-Fischer, Ankeny

2004 Elisabeth Reynoldson, Osceola

2005 Emily Hughes, Chicago

2006 Debora Neumeyer, Cedar Rapids

Gregory Neumeyer, Cedar Rapids

2007 Timothy Semelroth, Cedar Rapids

2008 Robert Livingston, Council Bluffs

2009 Alison Werner Smith, Iowa City

2010 Tracy Deutmeyer, Ankeny

2011 Bridget Penick, Des Moines

2012 Dawn Boucher, Des Moines

2013 Matthew McDermott, Des Moines

2014 Kathleen Law, Des Moines

2015 Emily Anderson, Cedar Rapids
Anna Mundy, Des Moines

2016 Dr. Brian Farrell, Iowa City
2017 Harry Shipley, Des Moines
2018 Laura Folkerts, Waterloo