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2nd Annual ISBA Tech Show

The Tech Show is presented by The Iowa State Bar Association and the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA).

As technology evolves, it can be difficult to stay informed of the latest advancements. With so many different options to choose from it can be difficult knowing what’s the most suitable to you and your practice. This is where ISBA Tech Show can help.

Door prizes will be awarded during the breaks.

June 19, 2014
Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center
Registration Fee - $35 (free to paid attendees of the ISBA's 2014 Annual Meeting)

Office Productivity 

Law Practice Management


Track Descriptions

 8:00 - 8:50

Social Media Ethics for the Legal Profession

 Security and Ethics of Cloud Computing

Simplifying Data Organization for Review
 9:00 - 9:50

Adobe Acrobat Essential Training 

Introduction to Legal Research on Fastcase

 How to Embrace a Paperless Legal Office including E-Discovery 

9:50 - 10:20

 Networking and Sponsorship Break

10:30 - 11:20

Office 365 for the Legal Profession

 Voice and Internet Services

Business Associate Compliance For Law Firms – An Uphill Climb "HIPAA-HITECH regulation"

11:30 - 12:30


12:30 - 1:20

Office 365 for the Legal  Profession (Continued)

EDMS Training

Hot Tips From the Experts

1:30 - 2:20

 Virtual Meetings: Fewer Hassles and More Billable Hours

 HotDocs-The Future of Document Automation in the Legal Community

Metadata - Are You Inadvertently Leaking Confidential Information 

2:20 - 2:40

Networking and Sponsorship Break

 2:40 - 3:30

Document Management: Reduce Paper Clutter and Organize Your Office

 Mobile Practice Management

How Attorneys Get Hacked (And What You Can Do About It)

 3:40 - 4:30

Office 2013

 Advanced Fastcase Research

50 Apps in 50 Minutes for Your BYOD (Device)

Social Media Ethics for the Legal Profession
This presentation will cover social media ethics concerns for the legal industry when interacting on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc.  We’ll talk about some pitfalls to avoid and specifically discuss recent professional ethics opinions from several different State Bar Associations.

Security & Ethics of Cloud Computing
In this talk we introduce attorneys to the variety of considerations involved in using cloud-based applications in their legal practice. Specific areas covered include data security, data ownership, storage of confidential client records, due diligence, current ethics opinions pertaining to the use of cloud computing or Software-as-a-Service, and the risks all lawyers need to consider and mitigate in vetting prospective cloud vendors.

Simplifying Data Organization for Review
This topic will cover a number of strategies firms can employ during the document review phase of discovery to organize data for a more streamlined review, from the most basic organization using tags and folders, to the more complex using data analytics and predictive coding. 

Adobe Acrobat Essential Training
Presenter Terry Aurit with Savvy Training will demonstrate how to create, modify, review, and share PDFs in Adobe Acrobat X Standard or Pro. The presentation covers the basics of the software, such as creating and customizing PDFs, searching, editing text and graphics, and extracting PDF content to use in other programs. Advanced functionality such as combining PDFs with other types of files to create customized portfolios and document security will also be covered.

Introduction to Legal Research on Fastcase
This presentation is designed for new Fastcase users. The presentation covers basic Fastcase features with a focus on case law searches and statute searches. You will learn what Fastcase covers, how to perform searches using Natural Language and Keyword or Citation Lookup.  You will also learn about Fastcase tools Authority Check and BadLawBot; which enhance you search by identifying later-citing cases within the Fastcase database.

How to embrace a paperless legal office
What if you could put the binders away and stop paying couriers? When you can securely access, review, edit and annotate case documents from any device or location, becoming a paperless legal office is easier than you think. Citrix ShareFile lets you share large and sensitive files easily and securely — saving money on printing and shipping and improving productivity in the process. See how ShareFile and other Citrix products, including QuickEdit, GoToMyPC and GoToMeeting, can help you streamline document sharing and work more efficiently — at the office, in court, at home and even on the go.

Office 365 for the Legal Profession
Office 365 is a cloud-based productivity service hosted by Microsoft. It includes familiar Microsoft Office applications that work seamlessly with business-class services including email, web conferencing, and document sharing.  This informational overview of Office 365 will include live demos and plenty of time for questions and answers.  If you have a specific question about Office 365 please email it to prior to the presentation.

Business Associate Compliance For Law Firms – An Uphill Climb.
This will be an interactive session which addresses the recent HIPAA/HITECH changes in privacy and security as well as the planned Office of Civil Rights business associate compliance audits.   Of primary concern is the role of law firms as business associates given that all HIPAA/HITECH compliance requirements now also apply to the business associate role.  This session will address changes in the business associate agreement, breach standards, reporting requirements and internal administrative and security measures needed for compliance.

Ask the Experts
What are your pressure points in technology?  What do you budget for in the future?  Is your network secured?  What are you using for firewalls, backups, scanning, and antivirus?  Are you paperless?  Are you on the cloud?  What litigation software packages are your firms using?  These are some sample questions that you can ask the expert panel.  Please come with a list of items you want to see how other firms in Iowa are handling their I.T. needs. This is an interactive class with the panel and the audience.

Virtual Meetings: fewer hassles, more billable hours
How much time do you spend traveling for meetings with clients? How do you handle last-minute meetings with clients across the country or globe? You can eliminate travel time and last-minute headaches with easy, reliable web conferencing. Participate in and host face-to-face virtual meetings from your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Enjoy HD-quality video conferencing, screen sharing and document-signing capabilities. You don’t even have to take notes; you can record every meeting in high-definition video. Learn how you can take advantage of the latest advances in virtual meeting technology to spend more time with clients — and less time traveling. 

HotDocs - The future of document automation in the legal community
HotDocs has proven its ability to increase law office productivity by reducing the time it takes to generate documents while also reducing the likely hood of human error.  Now HotDocs has the ability to increase productivity even more with its web—enabled service.  In this session you will learn about the future of document automation and how HotDocs Documents Services can increase your productivity even further.  HotDocs Documents Services is a cloud-based solution that allows you to access your documents from any device.  It also allows you to send interviews directly through a secure area where clients complete the questionnaire, eliminating the need for the Lawyer or paralegal to type this data.

Metadata - Are you Inadvertently Leaking Confidential Information
Prompted by the success of the webinar on metadata and redaction,  we have asked Suzanne  Tomlinson and Nick Critelli to give us specific guidance on how to remove hidden metadata and how to redact electronic documents filed in the EDMS and CM-ECF systems.  Suzanne will teach you how to remove the hidden data in Microsoft products and how to redact protected material from Adobe documents.  It is extremely important that you know how to redact documents that will be filed in the EDMS and CM-ECF systems because redaction is required under F.R.Civ.P. 5.2(a) and IA Sup.Ct. R. 16.601.  Nick will discuss what happens when confidential information is inadvertently leaked and how you can "claw it back.”  

Document Management: Reduce Paper Clutter and Organize Your Office
Rick Bernauer, Senior Systems Consultant with CyTek Corporation, will discuss how a properly implemented document management system can help organize your office, reduce paper files and ease electronic filing. He will demonstrate how a document management system can make your staff more efficient by standardizing how documents, emails and scanned items are stored, searched and processed.

Advanced Tips for Enhanced Legal Research on Fastcase
This presentation offers a quick refresher on case law search basics as well as a number of research tips that highlight advanced features. Here you will be introduced to the Fastcase Forcite tool that helps identify important cases that can easily be missed by ordinary word searches. You will also experiencing using the Interactive Timeline to find trends and patterns within you research. Annotations, batch retrieval and adding alerts are other functionalities addressed in this session.

How Attorneys Get Hacked (And What You Can do About It)
Attackers use tools such as the Blackhole Exploit Kit to send phishing emails to attorneys, infect their computers, and steal assets. Organized crime groups around the world are targeting YOU in attempts to gain access to financial accounts, proprietary information and other valuable data.

Watch a phishing attack in action and see what an infected computer does behind-the-scenes! We'll show how attackers break into your computer, and then run through LMG's 12-step security checklist so you can protect yourself and your company.

Mobile Practice Management
As mobile devices become more common and functional managing matters, tasks, calendars and documents from an iPhone or tablet is the new norm.

Learn more about Mobile Practice Management as we discuss how lawyers are using their mobile devices and cool apps to manage all things practice-related - on the go.

50 Apps in 50 Minutes
This fast and furious 50 Apps in 50 Minutes presentation, where panelists quickly review the hottest new apps for lawyers and legal professionals. The panelist will be offering practical apps along with some just plain fun ones.