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Encrypted document transfer, remote access and collaboration designed to meet an attorney’s workflow and security requirements.


The practice of law has increased its pace dramatically in recent years and attorneys are using new technologies to better serve their clients.  What do your methods say about you?


With Citrix ShareFile, today’s attorney can securely deliver/access confidential correspondence, discovery documents and/or other case files faster and without size limits, saving time and expense compared to manual methods. As a professional resource ShareFile works with Microsoft Outlook, on tablets, certain case management systems and any Mac or PC.


Reasons to check out ShareFile:

  • Concern about file transfer security (HIPAA or professional due diligence)
  • Frustrations/lost efficiency dealing with large files (burned CDs or broken up emails)
  • For certified electronic document delivery (email transfer)         
  • Desire to access documents when out of the office or from mobile devices (e.g. court and/or on the road)
  • Electronic document signing (via Right Signature)


Could ShareFile be a great fit for your office?


As a member benefit, ShareFile and the Iowa State Bar Association have agreed to provide 30 day ShareFile trial accounts and a 20% discount off any regularly priced ShareFile plan. If you are interested in setting up a ShareFile account please contact Sarah Greene with Citrix at 1-919-745-6241 or at to learn more.

Data Sheets and Additional Info

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