Conference Center Reservations and Policies
Building Room Rental

The Iowa State Bar Association Building is used primarily by the ISBA in serving its members through continuing legal education seminars and the meetings of committees, sections, executive boards, etc. On a space-available basis, with ISBA activities having priority, the ISBA has space available for rent to other organizations. Rates established by this policy will be followed in all instances unless modified in writing, and on a special exception basis.

South Conference Room - 8 people
North Conference Room - 12 people
Lower Level Conference Room - 16 people
CLE Center - 72 people classroom style and 96 people theater style

Room reservation application


  • Space at the ISBA building is generally available between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Reservations will only be considered final upon the receipt of a completed reservation rental agreement.

  • Reservations must include a start time and end time for the event. Requests for start times prior to 8:00 a.m. and/or ending times after 4:30 p.m. will be honored only if an ISBA staff person is available to be on-site for the extra time requested and at an additional charge of $50 per hour, with a minimum of $50 to be paid.

  • The ISBA CLE Center has microphones, a sound system, PC, DVD/VCR, LCD projector, screen, laptop connections, and wireless internet connection, which are available for use and included in the rental fee.

  • The ISBA can provide beverage service to your group during your event. This consists of unlimited coffee, soda, and water. The charge for this is $2.50/per attendee.

  • The ISBA is not responsible for the personal property of persons using the building, or for any property left on-site during or after the event.

  • A representative from the group must be present at all times during the meeting and will be responsible for coordination with the group’s caterer, food service, set-up and clean-up.

  • The ISBA does not have restrictions on caterers that can be used. However, there are not to be open flames (candles), chocolate fountains, or confetti.

  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed in the ISBA building, however, the sale of any alcoholic beverages is prohibited. The consumption of alcohol by minors will absolutely not be tolerated.

  • Group is responsible for leaving the ISBA building in the condition in which it was found and disposing of all trash/garbage in the receptacles provided.

  • The group will be responsible for reimbursing the ISBA for any damage to premises or equipment by attendees and other persons associated with the group. No taping, tacking or pinning is allowed on walls. Any signage needed for your meeting must be placed on floor easels and not attached to any walls.

  • Any printed materials identifying the location of your event shall not indicate that the ISBA is co-sponsoring your event unless prior written approval has been granted.

  • Additional fees will be charged if extraordinary costs are necessitated for custodial services caused by spillage, or maintenance/repair services are needed because of damage caused by group or its guests.

  • Notice of cancellation must be given. No call/no show will result in forfeiture of the rental fee and may result the ISBA’s refusal to book future meetings for the group.

  • The ISBA has free on-site parking for up to 70 vehicles.

  • The ISBA reserves the right to refuse use of our facilities at our complete discretion.

  • ISBA cannot be held liable for compensation of any kind for loss or damage due to circumstances beyond its control, to include, but not be limited to, mechanical failure of The ISBA building systems and equipment, fire, weather, war, states of emergency, labor strikes, failure of utilities, or Acts of God.

  • ISBA will not hold user responsible for causes beyond their control which may preclude the use of the ISBA building after a reservation rental agreement has been signed.

The user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the ISBA for all claims that might be asserted against the ISBA or any of its employees or agents for any property damage, bodily injury, or death, including reasonable attorney fees incurred in the defense or payments reasonably made to satisfy such a claim, including any claim arising out of the serving to or consumption of alcoholic beverages by any attendee at the event