Military Service
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Selective Service
Although no one is being called into the military service at the time, it is federal law that when a man turns 18 years of age, he must go to the post office and register for the draft.

Voluntary Service
Of course, any person who is an adult citizen may voluntarily sign up for military service. If you chose to do so, you should be aware of the serious commitment that you are making. Your decision to enlist may be difficult or even impossible to change once made, and there are serious consequences to simply leaving military service without permission.

Benefits of Service
If you decide to enter the military service or you are called to serve during a draft, you should make yourself aware of the many benefits that go along with successful military service. You may, as a veteran, be entitled to assistance in paying for school, in applying for home mortgage loans, medical care, and you may be entitled to a preference in hiring for some government jobs after you are discharged from service.

For more detailed information, you should contact your local armed services recruiting office. You may also want to speak with friends or relatives who have served or are serving in the military in order to get a complete picture of what military service is like. Like other duties of an adult citizen, military service can be demanding but it also carries with it certain benefits.