Purchasing Mail Lists

Mailing Lists

It is a proven fact that targeted marketing tactics improve direct mail response rates and reduce promotional expenses. At The Iowa State Bar Association (ISBA), we can help you reach over 7,800 legal professionals who practice law in Iowa or are part of the legal profession.

The ISBA provides the most reliable attorney lists available. Our database is updated daily to ensure information is sent to the appropriate address, and reaches members quickly.

Depending on your needs, the ISBA has the capability of generating contact lists based on any or all of the following:

  • City
  • Practice Area
  • County
  • Judicial District
  • Years Admitted to Practice
  • State
  • Age
  • Zip Code
  • Gender

ISBA membership list benefits include:

  • Access to well-educated professionals.
  • Access to over 7,800 contact names and addresses of people working in the legal profession.
  • Access to the most comprehensive and accurate data.

Types of Formats
Mail lists and labels consist of a member name and their preferred mailing address in either the adhesive label or electronic file format.

Adhesive Label
John Doe
Doe Law Firm
100 Main St
Anytown, IA 50309

Email (Electronic File)
Names and addresses delivered via email. The ISBA only provides electronic file format to mailing houses. Prior approval is required.

Mailing Label Use Agreement
ISBA Section and Practice Area Information

Price Schedule
< 1000 Records
Over 1000 Records
Price Per Contact
.15 .11
Shipping & Handling
$15.00 $15.00
$100 minimum order required

All sales are final!
Fax or Mail order form with a sample of your mailing to:
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