Section Listservs

The ISBA has established a listserv for all ISBA Sections to help them communicate better. These listservs are to be used as a professional communication tool amongst members within a specific interest group. The ISBA will use these listservs to communicate important information with our members as well. To be part of this service, you must subscribe to the respective section as part of your ISBA membership.

Sending to a Listserv
Sending an e-mail to a listserv is the same as e-mailing a person or group, except that the e-mail will go to all registered members of that section, except for those who have unsubscribed from the listserv.

Attachments to list e-mails must be less than 5 MB in size. Also, the attachments cannot have the following extensions: .zip, .scr, .pif, .exe, .bat, or .com. These restrictions are to help curb virus attacks.

Note your listserv is as follows: (listname) (i.e. members of the Administrative Law Section would address email as this:

See all available listservs

Replying to a Listserv
Replying to a listserv e-mail, you simply select the "Reply” option and this will reply to the listserv, meaning all members of that list. Choosing "reply" to a list message will reply to the entire list, not just the individual sender. You must enter that person’s email address in the "To" block if you want to email them individually.

If your mail program has a feature to automatically add a contact from an incoming message, note that the sender address would be (example for probate section) "”, and you will need to edit out the "-owner” in your contact list, or else posts you create from your contact list will only go to the list administrator, and not the list members.

Additional Information
View the Policy of Use for ISBA Listservs
Unsubscribe Information Page

Listserv Support Assistance
(515) 697-7891