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The Iowa State Bar Association (ISBA) is a voluntary organization dedicated to promoting the interests of the legal profession and improving the administration of justice, the quality of members' professional lives, and their relations with the public. As a member, you'll find many opportunities to serve your profession and the public. Use our online membership form to join. Call the office at 515-697-7870 or 800-457-3729 for more information.

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Great Reasons For Iowa Lawyers To Join ISBA:

  • Absolutely free online legal research provided by Fastcase.
  • Affordable IOWADOCS® a library set of form templates consisting of the legal forms created, endorsed and copyrighted by The Iowa State Bar Association. Also includes various State and Federal forms and includes ISBA Manuals.
  • Effective, convenient, and affordable statewide CLE programs.
  • Subscriptions to the Iowa Lawyer.
  • Iowa CaseLaw Weekly updates of Supreme Court and Court of Appeals cases to your email.
  • Section List Serves to give you quick responses to complex questions.
  • Substantive law newsletters with ISBA section memberships.

Membership Categories
During the first year after admission to the Iowa Bar, lawyers automatically receive a one-year complimentary membership with the ISBA. After that, the ISBA provides several membership categories to serve the needs of all lawyers.

Standard Members - members of the legal profession licensed to practice who either reside or practice in Iowa. For dues information, see below.

Admittance year (membership type) Cost
  • Admitted to practice after 3/1/2019 (YLD Year 1) - Free
  • Admitted to practice between 7/1/2017 - 2/28/2019 (YLD Years 2 - 3) - $60
  • Admitted to practice between 7/1/2015 - 6/30/2017 (YLD Years 4 - 5) - $125
  • Admitted to practice between 7/1/2011 - 6/30/2015 (YLD Years 6 - 10) - $260
  • Admitted to practice prior to 7/1/2011 (Standard) $260
Join the ISBA now


Out of State Members
Members of the legal profession in good standing with the State of Iowa who neither reside nor practice in the State of Iowa. Dues: $125/yr.

Retired/Exempt Members
Attorneys holding either a (1) Certificate of Exemption (including those accorded legacy status) or (2) Certificate of Retirement in accordance with Supreme Court Rule 39.7. Dues: $50/yr.

Fifty Year Members
Any ISBA member who has paid membership dues for fifty years. Dues: Waived.

Active Military Members
Dues-paying members of the ISBA who are actively serving in the armed forces. Dues: Waived.


Department of Defense Full Time Employees
Dues-paying members of the ISBA employed by the Department of Defense Agency full time. Dues: $50/yr.


Student Members
Any full time student in good standing enrolled in the College of Law of either the University of Iowa or of Drake University, or who is a bona fide Iowa resident attending an American Bar Association accredited Law School in a state other than Iowa is eligible to law student membership in this corporation. Law student members shall not vote nor hold any elective position in the corporation. Membership is free.

Join the ISBA now