In-Person Advertising
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Reach potential new customers and bolster existing relationships by exhibiting at ISBA Continuing Legal Education events. ISBA seminars such as Annual Meeting, Tax School, Bridge the Gap, Family Law, and Criminal Law allow you to market your brand face-to-face.

Your one-on-one interaction will strengthen and increase your company’s visibility, allow for the demonstration of new products, build trust and brand loyalty, and assist you in converting prospects to purchasers.

Attorneys are busy professionals who can be hard to reach. When you reach them at their office, you may have to compete for their time and attention, if you can even get your foot in the door. Skip that hassle, and instead, be an ISBA CLE exhibitor where perspective clients come to you.

Exhibitor opportunities:

  • Annual Meeting
  • Tax School
  • Bridge the Gap
  • Family Law Seminar
  • Criminal Law Seminar

For questions on exhibitor opportunities, please contact ISBA CLE Director Christy Cronin at or (515) 697-7874.