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We have exciting news to share with you regarding IowaDocs: The Iowa State Bar Association has renewed its publishing agreement with Hotdocs, Inc. so that we can continue to provide you IowaDocs®.   Our new agreement not only allows the ISBA to distribute IowaDocs® on the desktop as in the past but via the cloud using HotDocs Market. This agreement represents the ISBA’s commitment to our members by offering the latest technology to improve practice management, generate workflow efficiencies and deliver value for your clients. 

Access to IowaDocs® through HotDocs Market begins January 7, 2015 – and all future IowaDocs® renewals will be completed by using HotDocs Market.  If you have an invoice for renewal from the ISBA please disregard the invoice and use the HotDocs Market for renewal, effective immediately. If you have already renewed your subscription for 2015, an account will be established for you over the next several days.  Once completed notification will be sent. 

What is HotDocs Market

HotDocs Market is a unique ecommerce platform offering expertly crafted legal templates published by Bar Associations and other Legal industry experts and automated using HotDocs technology! Through HotDocs Market you will be able to complete and deliver your IowaDocs® documents in minutes , receive ongoing updates of all forms instead of having to install a CD-ROM on your desktop.

HotDocs Market allows you to take advantage of proven, existing templates that are easy to use. It helps you avoid spending unnecessary time and money creating your own templates. And it’s easy – select your product, choose the pricing option that works for you, and checkout. Products are immediately accessible in your HotDocs Market account.

Because it’s Cloud-based, you can access your HotDocs Market account from anywhere at any time on any browser-enabled device and access your IowaDocs® content.

Benefits of HotDocs Market

 Below are just some of the benefits of accessing IowaDocs® on HotDocs Market - a new cloud-based, e-commerce marketplace: 

• No software to install annually
• Accessed from any computer or mobile device with current web browser
• No need to worry about template updates or if you are using the current form
• Updates are made by the ISBA and are immediately available for all users
• Session (Answer files) are saved in HotDocs Market or can be downloaded to your desktop.
• Extended technical support hours
• And more!

Subscribe to IowaDocs on HotDocs Market.

To register with HotDocs Market please click the link below for detailed information:

    Registration Information

Training Opportunities

In cooperation with HotDocs, we will offer weekly webinars for Iowa Bar members to learn how to subscribe to and use IowaDocs® on HotDocs Market, beginning January 8, 2015.  Below is information to join.

Click here to watch a pre recorded webinar at your convenience.