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How do we continue to effectively oppose this effort?


We ask that you continue to make contact with the representatives and senators from your home district, urging them to vote no on this bill when it comes to the House and Senate floor. However, the most effective messaging to defeat this won't come from lawyers. We need the business community to step up and tell lawmakers their concerns. We have heard from countless business leaders that claim a bill like this has a “chilling effect” on their decision to move or expand their business footprint in Iowa.


ISBA officers have drafted this resolution that we will present to lawmakers, which will include a list of members of the business community and companies which oppose any changes to the current Judicial Merit Selection system.


We ask each ISBA member to reach out to their business clients or any business contacts in their community in an attempt to add more names to this list. Please email ISBA Assistant Executive Director Harry Shipley to let him know who/which companies have agreed to sign on: hshipley@iowabar.org.


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