For the People
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Providing for education of Iowa’s citizens now and in the future 

Look how far we have come since The Iowa State Bar Foundation was established in 1944. 

The Foundation has supported the efforts of The Iowa State Bar Association to advance jurisprudence and the administration of justice through education and research. Most recently, the Foundation has focused on vital areas of ISBA program support while providing additional opportunities to fund worthwhile law-relate projects that enhance the profession and the practice of law in the state and serve the public through education about the legal system. In all of its initiatives, the Foundation strives to be a catalyst, convener and collaborator for change that furthers its mission for the benefit of Iowans. 

But we need to do more to ensure the endowment is sufficient to continue these projects into the future.


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The Iowa State Bar Foundation has provided direct financial support for programs through the earnings and growth of its current endowment as well as annual gifts from Iowa State Bar Association members. As we look to the future, the size of the foundation endowment must increase in order to continue providing necessary financial support to ISBA programs. By increasing the size of the endowment, the Foundation will be in a position to continue in perpetuity its support of the many worthwhile ISBA projects.

The goal is to increase the endowment to more than $3 million…the earnings from this endowment would fund today’s priority programs and those in the future. This makes a gift to For the People a gift forever. Make your commitment today.

As the Iowa State Bar Foundation approaches its 75th anniversary, your commitment today makes the For the People endowment campaign goal a perfect way to celebrate the work of the Foundation over the years. Thousands of Iowans from all four corners of the state have been impacted by and attained success through the work of the Foundation.

With more than 7,500 lawyers across the state, reaching our goal of raising more than an additional $1 million dollars to fund the endowment for long-term success is within reach. But every member counts and so do our friends and business partners who focus on supporting the profession and keeping it healthy.