ISBA Committees



This committee shall be charged with authority to act between meetings of the ISBA Board of Governors relative to administrative, legislative, policy matters and matters pertaining to the headquarters office of the association, including the hiring and discharge of personnel, compensation, purchase of office equipment and other similar matters. This committee shall make a report of its activities at each meeting of the board of governors.

American Citizenship

This committee shall have jurisdiction of all questions in the field of American citizenship and of the American form of government with respect to education and understanding of both the privileges and responsibilities thereof. It may make awards to students and others, recognizing excellence in American citizenship.

Annual Meeting

This committee shall, with the advice and consent of the president, and with the assistance of the bar association staff, make arrangements for the annual meeting of the ISBA, including the programs and entertainment to be presented in connection therewith. The proposed budget for the annual meeting shall be submitted to the Administrative Committee for its approval.

Appellate Practice  

This committee shall work to improve the appellate practice and interface with the restructuring efforts of the Iowa Supreme Court

Award of Merit

This committee shall be charged with the duty of selecting and nominating for election by the Board of Governors one or more members of The Iowa State Bar Association to receive the annual Award of Merit of The Iowa State Bar Association. The nominations shall be presented to the ISBA Board of Governors no later than the spring meeting of the board in each year. Upon presentation of the name or names of the candidates for the consideration of the board of governors, additional nominations may be made.

Bar Insurance

Diversity and Inclusiveness 

This committee shall continue the work of the study committee which preceded it and shall assist the ISBA Board of Governors in assuring fair treatment and opportunities for all attorneys practicing in this state.

Ethics and Practice Guidelines  

The ISBA Ethics and Practice Guidelines Committee issues advisory opinions on the proper interpretation of the Iowa Rules of Professional Conduct. An archive of the ISBA ethics opinions can be found on the ISBA website. Legal ethics opinions are advisory only and are not binding upon any member of the ISBA, any attorney licensed to practice in the state of Iowa.

Federal Practice

This committee shall deal with matters of concern to lawyers practicing in the federal court system. It shall sponsor CLE events satisfying the federal CLE requirements.

Independence of the Judiciary

This committee is to investigate charges made in the press and otherwise, against judges. The committee will prepare a timely public response to unfair criticism against judges and the judiciary under guidelines created for this purpose.


The Innovations Committee shall identify, encourage and accelerate ideas that will enhance the legal profession and the delivery of legal services in Iowa. The Innovations Committee shall seek input from, and shall collaborate with, practicing lawyers, law schools, technologists, innovators, consumers of legal services, social entrepreneurs and representatives of the Iowa Judicial Branch to develop new projects and programming that will drive innovation in the delivery of legal services and improve access to justice. The committee shall also collaborate with law schools to address the rising cost of legal education and improve the practice readiness for newly admitted lawyers.

Iowa Jury Instructions

This committee shall study and produce drafts of recommended uniform jury instructions for the approval of the ISBA Board of Governors. It shall monitor published instructions and modify them from time to time as required.

Judicial Administration  

This committee shall study and report from time to time on ways and means to improve the administration of justice.

Law Practice Management  

This committee shall provide an organization available to lawyers who are concerned with the improvement of the means and methods by which the practice of law is conducted and to study developments in legal systems, equipment, procedures and such other areas as the committee may select. Recommendations will be disseminated through seminars, publications and by such other means as the committee may select.

Lawyers Helping Lawyers 

This committee is charged with the responsibility of providing guidance and assistance to members of the legal profession and their families who encounter problems which are related to drug, alcohol, or other chemical dependency or abuse. It shall also recommend to the board such programs as it deems appropriate, to be presented to the membership in this area of concern, and also in the area of stress management.

Legal Access 

This committee shall be concerned with the means and methods by which members of the association provide legal aid to indigent persons. It shall coordinate activities with other pro bono groups when possible and shall report to the ISBA Board of Governors its recommendations.

Legal Forms  

Responsible for creation, modification and period review of legal forms copyrighted by The Iowa State Bar Association to insure they conform to current Iowa law. These documents are distributed via IowaDocs®, the ISBA’s document assembly program.


This committee focuses on recruitment and retention of members by observing trends in membership and developing new and innovative ways to solicit all eligible persons for membership. The committee will also assist staff with the review, development and implementation of member services.

The committee strives to:

  • Grow membership
  • Engage current members.
  • Retain current members
  • Promote the benefits of ISBA membership
  • Enhance the value of ISBA membership

Military Affairs

This committee is to act as resource and liaison between the members of all branches and composites of the Armed Forces, especially the attorneys of each branch, and the attorneys and judges of the State of Iowa in order to better serve the legal needs of members of the Armed Forces of the United States.

Public Relations

This committee shall work closely with the Director of Communications and the Secretary to improve the relationship between this association and the public, the media, other professional groups and government officials and agencies. The objective of this committee shall be to create and maintain a good public image of the legal profession and of this association.

Rural Practice 

This committee is designed to motivate rural practitioners planning to transition out of the law practice in the near future to hire law students, either as summer clerks in the case of 1L and 2L students, or as associates in the case of graduates, to work in rural practices statewide. The overall goal is to ensure that new, young attorneys fill the gaps in rural areas left open by retiring attorneys to ensure that rural Iowans have ready access to justice.

Scope and Correlation

This committee is to study the structure, function and work of the various standing and special committees, the sections and other agencies of the association, and to make such recommendations to the ISBA Board of Governors from time to time as the committee deems advisable in the interest of better correlation and development of the work of the association.

Ways and Means 

This committee shall prepare and present an annual budget, keep itself informed on all matters relating to the finances of the association and the financing of its activities and shall perform such other duties as the ISBA Board of Governors may from time to time direct.


The Well-Being Committee shall identify factors that impact lawyer wellness, recommend programs to promote health and wellness of the membership and educate the bench and membership about wellness issues and resources.