Committee Discussion Forums (Listserves)


Committee Discussion Forums (Listservs)

In June of 2018, the ISBA converted section and committee listservs to Engage.

Engage allows members to post to section and committee forums in two ways.  You may post online in the various Engage communities or you may send an email directly to the forum.  Emails to the forum are automatically added to the appropriate Engage community and members are notified of the contributions via email if they have chosen to participate.

The Engage community also archives these discussion for future use.  Forums are restricted to section and committee members. If you would like to become a member of a specific community, or have questions about what lists you belong to, please email our membership department or call (515) 697-7870.

Below are the email addresses if you wish to send an email to a committee forum.

Annual Meeting
Appellate Practice
Award of Merit
Bar Insurance
Bench Bar Conference
Diversity and Inclusiveness
Ethics and Practice Guidelines
Independence of the Judiciary
Jury Instructions
Judicial Administration
Law Practice Management
Lawyers Helping Lawyers
Legal Access
Military Affairs
Public Relations
Rural Practice
Scope and Correlation
Ways and Means