2014 Judicial Performance Review results
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Results from The Iowa State Bar Association’s biennial survey of judges standing for retention in this year’s general election were tabulated and are now available to the public.

The ISBA has conducted the biennial performance review since 1962 when Iowa adopted its merit system for selecting judges. The review is designed to give voters information on which to base their decisions about keeping a judge in office. The ISBA encourages members to share the results with their friends, family, clients and communities.

Click here to view the full results of this year's performance evaluation. Additionally, Iowa voters can find information about the professional qualifications and background of every judge on the Nov. 4 retention ballot at the Iowa Judicial Branch website—www.iowacourts.gov

The Iowa State Bar Association is a voluntary organization of more than 8,000 lawyers and judges who are licensed to practice law in the state of Iowa. Oldest of the voluntary bar associations in the country, The ISBA has been in continuous operation since its founding in 1874.



Learn More about Iowa's Merit Selection

The ISBA produced the video to the left, "Merit Selection of Judges,” prior to the 2010 retention election. The video, which features former Governor Robert Ray and former Lieutenant Governor Sally Pederson, explains the process and discusses the value of Iowa’s merit system of selecting judges. 


Click here for the official press release issued Oct. 6, 2014, or visit the Media Resources page for a full list of ISBA releases.For additional information on this topic, please contact The Iowa State Bar Association Communications Department at communications@iowabar.org or 515-697-7896.