YLD urges members to provide comments on Basic Skills Course
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Amos Hill, president of the Young Lawyers Division, recently urged members of the YLD to provide comments to the Iowa Supreme Court regarding potential changes to the Basic Skills Course requirement as well as other requests for public comment. The deadline for public comments on the Basic Skills Course is Nov. 10.

In a Sept. 11 court order, Chief Justice Mark Cady requested comments on proposed recommendations on whether the Basic Skills requirement should be retained for persons admitted to practice law in Iowa, and, if so, whether the course or the requirements of the course should be revised.

Those interested in providing public comments or learning more can view the order here or visit the Iowa Judicial Branch website at www.iowacourts.gov, navigating to "About the Courts,” then clicking on "Supreme Court.” From the left navigation, click "Orders.” Public comments may be emailed to rules.comments@iowacourts.gov or mailed to the clerk of the Supreme Court. Those providing comments should review the order for formatting specifications.