YLD Litigation Committee
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Venue Case Name Case Number Claims Pl's Attorney D's Attorney RESULT
Monday, October 26, 2015 Boone Terk 1 v Foster et al. LACV040350 Breach of Lease Agreement S.P. DeVolder Jeremy R. Masterson
Monday, October 19, 2015 Black Hawk Sisk v. Hy Vee LACV122361 Slip and Fall Thomas P. Frerichs Beth E. Hansen
Dustin T. Zeschke
Black Hawk Albers v. Peterson LACV125171 Personal Injury Tim Sweet Chad VonKampen Pending
Fayette Alber v. Bank 1st LACV053904 Inappropriate release of funds pursuant to receipt unathorized checks Jeremy L. Thompson Jeffrey E. Clements Pending
Fayette Matthews v. State Farm LACV053805 Underinsured Motorist Claim - Plaintiff's last damage claim $459.497.73 (Past Meds - $36,759.59, Future Meds - $64,800, Past P/S - $72,500, Future P/S - $105,000, Past Loss of Function - $72,500, Future Lost of Function $105,000, Lost Wages $2,938.14). UIM limits of $250,000. Gary J. Boveia Matthew J. Nagel Pending
Palo Alto Johnson Flying Serv. V. Spencer Ag. LACV024808 Non-Jury Trial - Breach of Contract due to non-payment for aereal spraying David L. Widerstein Michael R. Bovee Pending
Bremer Brooks v. State LACV005101 Medical Malpractice - negligent treatment of a heart attack Beau D. Buchholz
Alexander E. Wonio
JoAnne Moeller
Jessica L. Glick
Richard M. Tucker
Wapello Estate of Lage v. Estate of Orman LALA105131 Wrongful death, Farm Accident, Fault Admitted; $400,000 Offer to Confess Judgment Kevin Engels Mike Moreland
Nick Maxwell
Plaintiff's verdict (fault had been admitted) $156,434 (Interested on premature burial expenses - $9,434 (stipulated), past spousal consortium - $77,000, future spousal consortium - $25,000, past parental consortium - $15,000, future parental consortium - $30,000)
Worth Prince v. Butler LACV012141 Negligence - Auto accident Nicholas T. Larson Joel J. Yunck Mistrial - Medical billing witness reported that if someone other than a patient was found to be at fault for an injury, the clinic would turn the bill over to the liability insurer for payment
Monday, October 12, 2015 Pottawattamie Pyland v. M&JK, Inc. LACV111199 Dram Shop Ed Noethe Greg Barntsen - M&JK Defense Verdict
Chad Primmer
Justin O'Conner
Bremer Monteith v. Sumner Comm. Club LACV005176 Slip & Fall - Ongoing storm asserted. Medical lien $17,704.33 Laura Mommsen Chad Vonkampen Plaintiff's verdict with comparative fault (51% Defendant, 49% Plaintiff). Pre-reduction damages total $37,704.33 (past meds - $17,704.33, future meds - $3,000, lost wages - $7,000, past pain - $7,000, future pain - $3,000, past/future loss of function - 0, lost earning capacity - 0)
Monday, October 05, 2015 Woodbury Advanced Computers v. Farmers Ins. Exchange LACV158005 Negligence - Insurance Agent's alleged failure to select proper coverage Paul D. Lundberg Harry Perkins Defense Verdict - No fault/misrepresentation
Dallas Brooks v. Cheposi LACV038918 Negligence - MVA. Comparative Fault asserted. Offer to confess - $5,000 Trever Hook Apryl DeLange Verdict for Plaintiff - $5,193.45, no comp fault
Jefferson Davenport v. Jefferson Co. Hosp. LALA003944 Medical Malpractice Robert Tucker Robert Houghton Defense Verdict
Monday, September 28, 2015 Grundy Ehrhardt vs Schott LACV059084 Auto Accident - Fault Admitted, past meds $6,198.89 Jim Sween Kelly Otto Verdict for Plaintiff - $7,998.00 - ($6,198.89 past meds; $1,500 past pain; $200 lost earnings; $100 damage to personal property)
Poweshiek Huber v. Krestena LALA02179 Iowa Civil Rights Act - Terminated for failing to provide Dr.'s note stating that the employee did not have AIDS Matt Reilly Carl Stiefel Verdict for Plaintiff - $26,283 - TOTAL $4,283 (past earnings); $22,000 (emotional distress)
Monday, September 21, 2015 Black Hawk Finch v. Farmer LACV122121 Negligence - Auto Accident - Offer to Confess: $45,000 Bruce Toenjes Corinne Butkowski Verdict for Plaintiff - $36,507.34 TOTAL $13,065.70 (past meds); $200 (Future Meds); $5,000 (past pain); $7,500 (future pain); $5,000 (future function); $5,000 (past function); $741.64 (past wages).
Linn Bloxham v. Irving Point Limited Partnership LACV075098 Negligence - Fire alarm test caused fire door to drop in kitchen and injured plaintiff, a cook Gary Shea Kim Hardeman & Megan Dimitt Defense Verdict - No Fault
Taylor Bender v. RJ's Plumbing LACV009510 Property Damage Dale Knoshaug Nick Maxwell & Mike Mooreland Defense verdict
Butler Brouwer v. Global Industries LACV020887 Product Liability - Auger amputated forearm/hand. Marc McCallister John Gatto Defense Verdict
Story Schilling v. Saur Danfoss LACV048851 Sexual Orientation Harassment, Retaliatory Termination Jacob Van Cleaf Jean Deveney Defense verdict
Monday, September 14, 2015 Cerro Gordo Paine v. American Family LACV068221 UIM - Car v. Moped; 2 hip surgeries w/ opinion for future hip replacement; Last demand: $750K, Last Offer: $475K (new money) (per Ct. recitation of facts in MSJ Order); $100K underlying; $5K med pay. Steve Crowley Joel Greer Verdict for Plaintiff - $256,847.69 TOTAL - $136,847.69 (past meds); $15,000 (Future meds); $15,000 (past funct.); $5,000 (Future funct.); $0 (past wages); $5,000 (future income); $45,000 (past pain); $15,000 (future pain); $20,000 future consortium
Johnson Marquez v. Lacina LACV071700 Slip & Fall James Weston Bill Bush Defense Verdict - No Fault
Monday, September 07, 2015 Linn Bellows v. Eilertson, Inc. LACV074642 Wrongful Death - Auto Accident Roxanne Conlin Steve Powell Defense Verdict - No Fault
Monday, August 24, 2015 Pottawattamie Kindred v. Ed's Contracting LACV111048 Failure to Pay Wages Andrew LeGrant Heidi Guttaufox Defense Verdict
Hancock Boman v. Cramer CVCV019214 Will Contest, Tortious Int. w/ Inheritance Dave Dutton William Scales Verdict for Plaintiff - $1,656,802 TOTAL - $1,183,430.50 (Loss of inheritance); $295,857 (consequential damages); $118,343 (Punitive - Cramer); $59,171.53 (Punitive - Burford). Claim for $552,267 in atty is pending with the Court.
Dubuque Schemel v. Laxmee LACV058056 Sexual Harrassment, national origin harrassment, civil rights retaliation, worker's comp retaliation Nate Borland Steve Ballard Back Pay - $446.25, Pat Emotional: $150,000; Future Emotional: $350,000
Dubuque Oyler v. Laxmee LACV057888 Sexual Harrassment, national origin harrassment, civil rights retaliation, worker's comp retaliation Emily McCarty Abigail Brown Back Pay - $16,484.01, Past Emotional: $200,000; Future Emotional: $400,000; Past Punitive re Work Comp: $100,000;
Sioux Center Fresh Egg v. Natural Fertilizer LACV023406 Declaratory Judgment / Breach of Contract Jason Madden & Bill Smith Jeff Wright Verdict for Center Fresh & Sioux County Egg
Monday, August 17, 2015 Clinton Papke v. Driveline of Dubuque LACV041052 Negligence; Breach of Implied Warranties of Fitness for Particular Purpose and Workmanlike Manner; Property Damages Kimberly Knoshaug & Dallas Hosey Richard Whitty Defense Verdict
Kossuth Schuller v. Hilsabeck LACV026711 Car v. Bicycle Conrad Meis Dale Knoshaug Verdict for Plaintiff - $10,000
Scott Ingraham v. Hy Vee LACE124582 Slip & Fall Pat Woodward Cam Davidson Defense Verdict
Floyd Viafield v. Engels LACV030103 Fraud, Breach of Fiduciary Duty Roger Sutton David Morse Verdict Sealed by Court
Monday, August 10, 2015 Polk EMC v. Hansen Construction LACL128888 Sean O'Brien Scott Bardole Defense Verdict - No Causation
Wapello Grossenkemper v. Broadhurst LALA105009 Auto Accident Michael Carpenter Mike Moreland Defense Verdict - No Fault
Monday, August 3, 2015 Benton Reed's, Inc. v. Olmstead Construction, Inc. LACV008827 Breach of Contract, Implied Warrantey of Fitness for Particular Purpose, Express Warranty Kevin Caster Clark Mitchell Defense Verdict
Des Moines Hogberg v. Richards LALA004332 Auto Accident Pat Woodward Joel Greer Verdict for Plaintiff - 25% Plaintiff Fault; Damages $109,236 before reduction for fault
Linn Werner v. Randklev LACV080541 Auto Accident Peter Riley Jim Craig & Abhay Nadipuram Verdict for Plaintiff - $500.00
Monday, July 27, 2015 Monona Carrick & Corsaro v. Jacobsen LACV028688 Auto Accident - Offers to Confess filed Greg Thomas Jeff Jeffries Verdict for Plaintiff - $15,104.40
Story Gray-Fisher v. State of Iowa LACV048454 Sex & Age Discrimination Mark Sherinian Molly Weber & William Pearson Defense Verdict
Polk Vetter v. State of Iowa LACL130693 Disability Discrimination Brooke Timmer & Whitney Judkins David Steward Verdict for Plaintiff - $599,732.13
Polk Ernst v. Garner's Autorama RV Center, Inc. EQCV005821 Breach of Contract James Mailender Christina Thompson & Phil Watson Defense Verdict
Dubuque Nadermann v. Shenanigans Pub LACV058061 Premises liability claim for assault by third party outside tavern Michael Lahammer Sharon Greer Defense Verdict
Monday, July 20, 2015 Black Hawk Harken v. Halupnick LACV123612 Premises Liability - P claims owner was intoxicated and fell on Plaintiff causing a fractured shoulder. P underwent shoulder replacement surgery. Chad Swanson Kent Gummert Defense Verdict
Darin Luneckas Megan Dimitt
Polk Haas v. City of Des Moines EQCE075768 Condemnation Dispute Fredd Haas John Haraldson Verdict for Plaintiff - $3,780
Linn Santee v. Lisbon Comm. Sch. LACV079780 Negligent Supervision - Pl assaulted by other students Tim Semelroth Terry Abernathy Mistrial - Pl communicated with juror during break
Monroe Lewis Trust v. Allied Gas LALA003708 Breach of Oral Contract - Application of liquid nitrogen Steven Devolder Bradley Obermeier Defense Verdict
Monday, July 13, 2015 Black Hawk Parker v. Degroote LACV125000 Auto Accident - Fault Admitted, $21K in paid meds Josh Moon Dave Riley Verdict for Plaintiff - $70,571.65
Polk Heggen v. Garcia LACL126200 Auto Accident - Pl riding a motorcycle behind Defendants rearended them when they stopped abruptly. Multiple factures and traumatic brain injury Chuck Cutler Mark Thomas Verdict for Plaintiff - $1,759,703.78 (10 % Comparative Fault to Plaintiff)
Joni Ploeger
Hamilton Lenning v. Andrew LACV028419 Med Mal - Gallbladder surgery Chad Knapp Robert Houghton Defense Verdict - No Fault
Monday, July 06, 2015 Linn Smith v. EMC LACV079955 UIM - Tortfeasor struck Plaintiff and pinned him between her vehicle and his vehicle in parking lot. Mike Bush Mike Walker Verdict for Plaintiff - $147,437 ($197,437 in claimed offsets & credits)
Kelsey Marquard
Johnson Thomas v. Johnson County, Officer Gavin, et. al. LACV070733 Battery, false arrest & malicious prosecution Martin Diaz Terry Abernathy Defense Verdicts
Mary Kate Pilcher-Hayek Brad Kasper
Andrew Chappell
Susan Nehring
Monday, June 22, 2015 Muscatine Walton v. Prunchak LACV022425 Auto Accident - Vehicle rearended Semi. $48K in claimed meds, $12K lost earnings capacity. Offer to Confess $30,000. John Moeller Eric Knoernschild Plaintiff's Verdict - $43,500 ($21,500 past meds, 17,000 past pain, $5,000 future pain)
Dubuque E Dubuque Inj. V. BK Diesel LACV058242 Breach of Fid. Duty, Trade Secrets, Unfair Competition, Civil Conspiracy Kevin Visser Richard Whitty Defense Verdict & Counterclaim - Defense Verdict
Cerro Gordo Parker Estate v. Shatek LACV068863 Wrongful Death - Car v. Pedestrian John Walker Jim Bryan Defense Verdict - No Fault
Scott Ludman v. Assumption HS LACE122572 Baseball player hit by ball while standing in dugout; Offer to Confess - $250,000, Charged Meds $150K. Skull fracture with cerebral hemorrhage and post traumatic seizures. Steve Crowley Lori Magerko & Laurie Wiedenhoff Verdict for Plaintiff - $1,500,000 - 80K past meds, 193K future meds, 250K past pain; 250K past funct.; 363,500 Fut. Funct; 363,500 Fut. Pain - 30% fault to Plaintiff
Monday, June 08, 2015 Woodbury Promat v. Flsmidth USA, Inc. LACV152295 Breach of Duty of Loyalty / Counterclaim: Breach of Contract, Breach of Fiduciary Duty Paul Lundberg Mike Weston & Ben Weston Defense Verdict / Verdict for Counterclaim Plaintiff: $149,100
Pottawattamie Peterson v. Casey's Marketing LACV111069 Slip and Fall Scott Wormsley Defense Verdict - No Fault
Wright Wesenberg v. Hinton LACV023839 Negligence - Auto Accident Randy Nielsen Joel Yunek Defense Verdict - No Fault
Monday, May 18, 2015 Scott Stine v. Runnels LACE124058 Legal Malpractice Jeff Tronvold Ralph Heninger Plaintiff's Verdict - $58,540 - 30% Comparative Fault
Emmet Alvarez v. Esterhille Lodge LACV018240 Slip and Fall Matt Sease Lucas Helling Plaintiff's Verdict - $19,286.50 - 35% Comparative Fault
Fed - Dav Estate of Breed v. Greiner 3-13-cv-CRW-CFB Wrongful Death - Auto / Sudden Emergency Dan Kotin & Tim Semelroth Craig Levien & Jason O'Rourke Defense Verdict
Polk Brunkhorst v. AM Fam LACL129719 UIM Rob Tully & Ben Arato Scott Green Plaintiff's Verdict - $63,200.91 - $3,201.91 Past Meds; $15K Past Pain; $25K Future Pain; $5K Past Lost Funct.; $15K Fut. Funct. // Credit: $20K underlying Limits & $2K med pay
Pocahontas Harty v. Casey's Marketing LACV126398 Trip and Fall Fred Dorr Scott Wormsley Defense Verdict - No Fault
Story Malloy v. McFarland Clinic LACV048650 Medical Malpractice Martin Spellman Steven Scharnberg Defense Verdict
Washington Harris v. Fenn LALA002381 Bailment - Former spouse retained property transferred by Stipulation in Divorce proceedings - Punitive Damages Steven Ort Thomas Maxwell Plaintiff's Verdict - $2,500 - Punitives $20,000
Linn NS Corp. v. Car Wash Consultants LACV062527 Consequential Damages - Lost profits by retailers related to Manufacturer's breach of warranty. Michael McDonough Peter Riley Defense Verdict
Pottawattamie Altman v. Edmundon Hospital CVCV111358 Fraud - Suspension of physician's hospital privileges Michael Sellers Michael Ellwanger Defense Verdict
Monday, May 11, 2015 Palo Alto Hagedorn v. Williamson LACV024407 Auto Accident Michael Johnson Brian Yung Mistrial - Plaintiff's communication with Jurors during noon recess.
Linn Henderson v. City of Cedar Rapids LACV078502 Bus v. Pedestrian. P alleged bus moved forward while he was removing his bike causing a knee injury. Past Meds: $11,820.41. Matt Reilly Mohammad Sheronick Defense Verdict - Fault - Yes; Causation - No
Polk Rhiner v. QuikTrip LACL129514 Slip & Fall: Ice Rick Schmidt Mike Jones Defense Verdict - Verdict form not filed
Jefferson Anderson v. Anderson Tooling LALA003886 Wrongful Discharge & Punitive Damages // Counterclaim: Interference w/ Bus. Relationship, Breach of Fiduciary Duty Steven Gardner Steven Ballard Verdict for Plaintiff: $146,387.01; Verdict for Defendant / Counter-plaintiff: $772.297.72
Webster Rasmuson v. Axness LACV317711 ATV Accident - Claimed minor was allowed to operate ATV w/o training or supervision causing accident and injury - Past Meds $24,431.32. Stuart Cochrane Joel Yunek Defense Verdict - No Fault
Monday, May 05, 2014 Scott Sierra v. Rock Church Ministries LACE1124585 Slip and Fall Stephen Fieweger Laurie Wiedenhoff Verdict for Plaintiff - 50/50 Fault - $26,445.51
Cass Bell v. Phillips LACV024797 Auto Accident - Offer to Confess $51,500 - $20,060.92 past meds Joanie Grife Doug Phillips Verdict for Plaintiff - $93,060.92 ($20,060.92 past meds; $35,000 past loss of function, $38,000 past pain & suffering. No future damages.
Monday, April 27, 2015 Cerro Gordo Kolb v. Good Shepard LACV068733 Slip and Fall Brian Marty David Riley Defense Verdict - No Fault
Scott Etheridge v. Crawford LACE124073 Auto Accident - Fault Admitted Dennis Vanderginst Verdict for Plaintiff - $5,000 ($2,000 past meds, $1,500 Past Pain & Suffering, $1,500 past loss of function)
Cerro Gordo Woodley v. Woodley ESPR029308 Will Contest Mike Smith Mark Newman Defense Verdict
Monday, April 20, 2015 Polk Russo v. Studer LACL129112 Auto Accident - Fault Disputed Nile Hicks Kent Gummert Defense Verdict & Defense Verdict on Counterclaim
Polk Ramsey v. Dsm Plastic Surgery LACL127109 Medical Malpractice Marc Humphrey Thomas Joensen Defense Verdict
Davis Kruse v. Weller LALA012548 Negligence - Auto Accident - Plaintiff paralyzed and in 24 hours nursing care. Jury trial waived. Tried to Judge DeGeest Justin Swaim Bill Nicholson Verdict for Plaintiff - $2,647,100.00
Polk Lackman v. Liedman LACL127893 Auto Accident - Fault Admitted Stuart Higgins Mike Jones Verdict for Plaintiff - $46,621 ($2,821 meds, $24,800 lost wages, $14,000 Pain & Suffering, $5,000 Past Loss of function; no future damages awarded)
Polk Burmeister v. Morehouse Truck Line LACL129235 Auto Accident - Fault Admitted - Offer to Confess: $15,000 Ken Munro Jerry Spaeth Verdict for Plaintiff - $18,515.00
Scott Beadle v. Ruffcorn LACE122615 Medical Malpractice - Neck nerve block injection Fred James Mikkie Schlitz Defense Verdict
Scott Baker, Thoeming, Chapman & Smith v. City of Davenport (4 Consolidated cases) LACE123182 / 123587 / 123586 / 123183 Negligence - Maintenance of sewer alleged to have caused backups in homes Michael Meloy & John Flynn Rand Wonio Defense Verdicts - All Three Cases
Woodbury First American Bank v. IDOT CVCV157755 Eminent Domain - Valuation Dan Manning Robin Formaker
Monday April 6, 2015 Woodbury Lloyd v. Heck LACV149449 Negligence - Crop Loss due to fire Dan Shuck John Gray Defense Verdict
Polk George v. BH Management Services LACL129592 Premises Liability - Slip and Fall Marc Harding Scott Wormsley Defense Verdict
Linn Harris v. Wittmer LACV077509 Auto Accident Dave O'Brien Kelly Otto Verdict for Plaintiff #1: $8,301.61; #2: $1,000
Monday March 30, 2015 Scott Henson v. City of Davenport LACE115933 Damages: Offer to confess $50,000 Mike Bush Craig Levien Verdict for Plaintiff: $50,000
Pottawattamie Bach v. Wal-Mart LACV108907 Premises Liability - Slip and Fall Gregory Barntsen Tim Clausen Defense Verdict - No fault
Keokuk Winegarden v. City of South English LALA039792 Negligence: Water damage to house Tom Fiegen Tom Hillers Defense Verdict - No fault
Monday, March 23, 2015 Linn Hauptmann v. Penford Products LACV077430 Negligence - Workplace Safety William Nicholson Mike Jones Defense Verdict - No fault
Winneshiek Wolfs v. Wolfs LACV025843 Monetary Damages - Details Unknown Mark Anderson Kevin Schoeberl Result Unknown
Butler Rodriguez v. Degroote LACV020815 Unknown Luke Guthrie David Riley Result Unknown
Cerro Gordo Harrer v. Hodak LACV068398 Battery Eric Mail Joseph Lapointe Verdict for Plaintiff: $35,364.28
Warren Holmes v. Warren County Community Housing Agency LACV034473 Premises Liability - Slip and Fall Marc Harding Andy Johnson Defense Verdict
Dubuque Eagle Point v. Giannakourous LACV057961 Defamation, Breach of Duty of Loyalty, Unfair Competition, Misappropriation of Trade Secrets, Conspiracy, Abuse of Process Christopher Fry Les Reddick - Theothoros Giannakouros Defense Verdict
Monday, March 16, 2015 John Freund - Blue Sky Solar. LLC, et. al.
Kossuth Vaske v. Peters LACV026435 Negligence - Auto Accident - Collision between farm tractor pulling manure tractor and semi hauling an MRI scanner Tom Lipps Richard Book Verdict for Plaintiff: $48,983.23; 20% Plaintiff Fault
Kossuth Shared Medical Equpiment Group; Optimum Imaging Solutions v. Vaske LACV026585 Negligence - Auto Accident - Collision between farm tractor pulling manure tractor and semi hauling an MRI scanner Richard Book Tom Lipps Defense Verdict (consolidated with case above - 80% P fault)
Woodbury Stoos v. Fitch & Bowers LACV157184 Breach of Contract Jim Redmond Doug Phillips Verdict for Plaintiff: $30,000
Allyson Dirksen Tony Lamb
Woodbury Sorlye v. Mercy Health LACV152291 Medical Malpractice Missy Claybaugh Joe Fitzgibbons Mistrial (unable to reach verdict)
Mike Jacobsma John Gray
Polk Gee-Scheppman v. Bob Brown Chevrolet LACL127427 Negligence - Auto Accident Fred James Scott Wormsley Verdict for Plaintiff: $45,000
Linn Nazari v. Jacobson LACV077391 Legal Malpractice - Failure to convey settlement offer Larry Thorsen Paula Lynn Roby Dismissed - Directed Verdict for Defense
Monday, March 09, 2015 Cerro Gordo Marks v. Goscinkski LACV068591 Negligence - Auto Accident Tom Drew Sam Anderson Verdict for Richard Marks: $109,266.21; Verdict for Barbara Marks: $145,939.14
Scott Huffman v. Larrison LACE124833 Negligence - P fell from semi trailer when moved from loading dock. $9,800 meds, $7,403 wages, claimed. Joseph Quinn Robert McMonagle Verdict for Plaintiff: $32,222.11
Johnson Core Sycamore Town Center v. Duwa LACV074994 Daniel Kresowik Shawn Fitzgerald Verdict for Defendant: Directed Verdict
Page Kirkpatrick v. Jones LACV104109 Dramshop Ryan Glenn Tom Henderson - Longhorn Restaurant
Negligence - Auto Accident, Punitive Damages asserted for leaving the scene Joel Greer - KBJ Farms & Kim Jones Verdict for Plaintiff against Kim Jones: $311,500, punitive damages: $10,000
Pottawattamie Harveys v. Oakridge Co. LACV105052 Breach of Contract, Neg, Tres, Nuisance Mark Landa Duncan Young - Oakridge Verdict for Plaintiff: $666,000 against Oakridge
Monday, February 23, 2015 Cases Consolidated for Trial Christopher Knauf Joel Niebaum - Oakridge
Pottawattamie State of Iowa v. K & L Custom Farms CVCV103738 Jacob Larson - State of Iowa Todd Weidemann - K & L Verdict for Harrahs: $12,5000 against K & L
Ryan Kehm - K & L
Monroe Algreen v. Gardner Crop Ins., Inc LALA003701 Iowa Wage Pay Collection Law Maggie White Randy Stravers Verdict for Plaintiff: $22,107.37
Andy LeGrant
Scott Carter v. Wapelhorst LACE121030 Malpractice - Chiropractor Arthur Buzzell Joseph Fasi Verdict for Defense
Cerro Gordo Kopp v. Peterson LACV068550 Negligence - Auto Accident Ken Winjum Scott Green Verdict for Plaintiff: $68,474.29
Woodbury Welle v. Riemer LACV157387 Trespass Michael Jacobsma Scott Hindman Verdict for Plaintiff: $66,944.30, 45% fault to Plaintiff, 15% fault to Riemer, 40% fault to Waldman
Monday, February 16, 2015 Sioux Shonkwiler v. Miedema LACV023953 Negligence Rich Meyer Pat Sealy Verdict for Plaintiff: $4,058.00
Clarke Doug's Dock Svc v. Anchor Motor Co LACV011932 Breach of Contract & Fraud Misrep Tyler Patrick & Laura Mommsen Robert Thole Verdict for Plaintiff: $8,293.29
Scott Corelis v. Tri City Electric LACE122696 MVA; Negligent Supervision Bill Bribriesco Criag Levien Verdict for Plaintiff: $60,000
Monday, February 09, 2015 Anthony Bribriesco
Scott Rosekopf v. Dr. Johnson LACE123607 Medical Malpractice Brian Galligan; Timm Reid Bob Waterman Verdict for Defendant
Polk Audas v. State of Iowa LACL129361 Premises Liability Jason Rieper Joanne Moeller Verdict for Defendant
Polk Meyer v. State of Iowa LACL128614 Premises Liability; Negligence Dennis Lawyer Forrest Guddall Verdict for Defendant
Story Kommer v. Caremoli LACV048028 Personal Injury - Trip & Fall TJ Pattermann Sharon Greer Verdict for Plaintiff: $188,928.01, 20 % Fault to Plaintiff
Monday, February 02, 2015 Pottawattamie Thornton v. American Interstate CVCV110614 Bad Faith - Denial of Work Comp Tiernan Siems Melvin Hansen Verdict for Plaintiff: $284,000 (general); $25,000,000 (punitive)
Linn Green Dev. v. Johnson LACV078705 Landlord-Tenant Damages & Counterclaim Peter Riley Frank Nidey & Patricia Meier Verdict for Plaintiff: $2,852
Polk Lazareva v. Mendez LACL128668 Employment - Tortious Discharge Tom Foley Gary Dicky Verdict for Defendant
Poweshiek McIlrath v. Prestage Farms of Iowa LALA002120 Nuisance - Hog Confinement Tom Lipps; Dave Stein Sean Moore; Robert Malloy; Josh Borchert Verdict for Plainiff: $525,000
Linn Aswegen v. Parker LACV078617 Dog Bite Tim Semelroth Kim Hardeman Verdict for Plaintiff: $15,000
Monday, January 26, 2015 Pottawattamie Harmon v. Tyson LACV109894 Personal Injury - Auto - Rearend TJ Pattermann Karen Bailey Verdict for Plaintiffs: $1,500 to Child & $6,000 to Parent
Palo Alto Estate of Gappa ESPR011670 Will Contest Jodie Clark McDougal Joe Fitzgibbons Verdict for Defendant: case dismissed
South Lee Leggett v. Ft. Madison Hosp LALA006133 Medical Malpractice James Cook Jennifer Rinden Verdict for Defendant: case dismissed
Plymouth Poling v. Wayne LACV034755 Personal Injury - Truck v. Tractor Bob Stewart Roz Koob Verdict: Plaintiff 51% at fault
Monday, January 12, 2015 Scott Whitesell v. August LACE123441 Wrongful Death Catherine Cartee Sharon Greer Verdict for Plaintiff: $360,000; 5 % Fault to Plaintiff
Polk Shugart v. Druid Hill Townhomes LACL128793 Premises Liability - Slip & Fall Ashleigh O'Connell Michael Carmoney Verdict for Plaintiff: $44,676.38; 25% fault assessed to Plaintiff
Monday, January 05, 2015 Polk Hawkins v. Wilson LACL127570 Personal Injury - Auto Accident Travis Burk Dale Knoshaug Verdict for Plaintiff: $21,824
Polk Hopp v. Bermudez LACL126311 Negligence - House Fire Andrea Flanagan Jack Leverenz Result Unknown
Polk Drake v. Luncsford LACL128714 Negligence - Auto Accident - Red light / Green Light Andrew Heiting-Doane Andrew Hall Verdict for Defendant: Plaintiff 100 % at fault
Monday, December 15, 2014 Pottawattamie Desmet v. Clark LACV108924 Negligence - Auto Accident Ryan Sewell Anthony Tauke Verdict for Plaintiffs: $17,968 and $7,866.83
Polk Britton v. Trowbridge & Mauer LACL127962 Negligence - Auto Accident - Red light / Green Light Bob Burnett Scott Green & Brian Kohlwes Verdict for Plaintiff: $59,473.85; 80% to Trowbridge & 20% to Mauer
Wapello Steve Gardner Brian Goldsmith Verdict for Plaintiff: $86,000
Clay Baumgart v. Evelhoch LACV027836 Medical Malpractice Jeff Carter John Gray Verdict for the Defense
Johnson Heidemann v. Grinnell Mutual LACV075302 UIM - Auto Accident Tim Semelroth & Ben Long Kimberly Hardeman Verdict for Plaintiff: $300,000
Monday, December 08, 2014
Linn Berchenbriter v. Novak LACV075010 Personal Injury - Auto Accident Michael Lahammer Patrick Woodward Verdict Unknown
Black Hawk Schilling v. Allen Health LACV116208 Medical Malpractice David Stamp Dominic Pechota & George Weilein Verdict for Defense
Monday, December 01, 2014 North Lee Ransdell v. Power LALA006112 Cause of Action Unknown Curtis Dial Richard Fehseke Verdict Unknown
Woodbury Lloyd v. Heck LACV147613 Combine Fire - Crop Damage Dan Shuck John Gray Mistrial
Monday, November 17, 2014 Polk Nunemann v. Hutchison LACL128312 Personal Injury - Auto Accident Bruce Stoltze Steve Doohen Verdict for the Plaintiff: $66,000
Howard Seofroed v. Burke LACV016603 Personal Injury Jeremy Thompson Andrew Vandermaaten Verdict for the Plaintiff: $35,434.30
Hamilton Moline v. Hild LACV028744 Personal Injury - Auto Accident allegedly caused by obscured vision from smoke blowing off fire set by defendant Chester Woodburn Mark Brownlee Verdict for the Defense: No Fault
Marshall Bohr v. Pille LACI008070 Personal Injury - Plaintiff injured by D's employee's operation of a skid loader John P. Lander Sasha L. Monthei Verdict for Plaintiff: $168,000 less 5%
Monday, November 03, 2014 Hamilton Pedersen v. Hapke LACV028775 Personal Injury - Rear end accident William Talbot Jason Miller Verdict for Plaintiff: $10,145.76
Polk Vandersluis v. Cheap Seats Sports Bar CL125053 Premises Liability Kent Balduchi Adam Zenor Verdict for the Defense
Jefferson Bradshaw v. Hubler LALA 003978 Personal Injury Jim Carney Mike Mooreland Verdict for Plaintiff: $237,152.00
Monday, October 27, 2014 Linn Stutzman v. Karr LACV075922 Larry Thorson Elizabeth Jacobi & Mohammad Sheronick Judgment for Plaintiff: Amount Unknown
Iowa Powell v. Brecht LACV023413 Construction Defect Matt Reilly Sharon Greer Continued - No Judge (Dist. 6)
Black Hawk In Re Detention of Barnes LACV085512 Commitment - Sex Offender Robert Sand Steven Addington Verdict for the State of Iowa
Dubuque Boge v. Weber LACV057906 Pro Se Matt Noel Verdict : Unknown
Monday, October 20, 2014 Sac Griggs v. Schramm LACV019456 Personal Injury William Alexander Michael Jacobs Defense Verdict
Page Christianson v. Great Western LACV104105 Personal Injury - Premises Liability - Wheel Chair Roll Over Robert Laubenthal Michael Kuehner Defense Verdict (95% Plaintiff / 5% Defendant) & Fault did not cause damages
Woodbury Olhausen v. Hinds LACV155148 Negligence - Car driven into side of building Scott Rhinehart Pat Sealy Defense Verdict: Fault did not cause damages
Monday, October 13, 2014 Linn Walton v. Huber Enterprises LACV076302 Negligence - Auto Accident (Fault Admitted) Michael Lindeman Patrick Woodward Verdict for Plaintiff $6,693.54
Marshall United Services v. Clement Heating LACI007414 Construction Defect Anthony Morrone Joel Greer Verdict for Plaintiff: $629,862.09, 60% Defendant, 40% plaintiff fault allocation.
Monday, October 06, 2014 Linn Womack v. Dollar General LACV072387 Slip & Fall Michael Lahammer Scott Bardole Defense Verdict
Benton Nationwide v. Air Vent, Inc. Product Liability - House Fire Tom Hillers / Jenna Green Mark Aljets Continued - No Judge (Dist. 6)
Polk Dyer v. Woodward LACL127969 Iowa Civil Rights Act - Disability Discrimination John Haraldson Barbara Boysen-Galloway Defense Verdict
Polk Irlmeier v. Latitude LACL127416 Dram Shop Steve Hamilton Guy Cook/Adam Zenor Mistrial - Ct. cited irreconcilable conflict btwn plaintiff and her counsel
Polk Smith v. Atzen LACL127382 Abuse of Process, Defamation, IIED Flanagan O'Brien Verdict for Plaintiff: $1,018,360: $568,360 compensatory, plus punitive damages of $450,000
Monday, September 29, 2014 Chickasaw Haskenhoff v. Homeland Energy LACV003218 Employment Discrimination Brooke Timmer & Roxanne Conlin Kevin Visser & Lisa Stephenson Verdict for Plaintiff: $1,400,000: $100,000 backpay, $300,000 past emotional distress, $1M future emotional distress
Black Hawk J&T Johnston v. D. Hall LACV122087 Personal Injury Mark Fransdal Mark Parmenter Verdict for Plaintiff
Polk Sink v. State LACL126713 Iowa Civil Rights Act - Sexual Harrassment, sex discrimination and harassment Paige Fiedler Tyler Smith Defense Verdict
Emily McCarty Meghan Gavin
Anne Updegraff
Monday, September 22, 2014
Linn Allen v. Duval Const. LACV071440 Construction Defect-Breach of Contract, Breach of Real Estate Disclosure Stmt, Breach of Implied Warranty (Builder-vendor); third-party Contribution & Indemnity. Also, motion to enforce settlement agmt, and MSJ's on implied warranty, 3rd party beneficiary, economic loss doctrine and more Ed Blando Roger Stone & Jeffrey Stone Defense Verdict
Keith Larson Timothy Hamann
Nicholas Kilburg David Riley
Jason O'Rourke
Walter Steggall, Jr
Monday, September 15, 2014 Matthew Novak
Pottawattamie Wahle trust v. Dyer TRPR041158 Testimentary Incapacity & Undue Influence Curtis Hiethoff Jamie Cox Verdict for the Defense
Black Hawk Rippel v. Kahaupt CVCV117698 Will Contest Max Kirk Michael Buckner Mistrial
Grundy Dinsdale Const. v. Lumber Spec LACV059058 Property Damage Chad Swanson Michael Carmoney Verdict for plaintiff $119,522 Negligence 64% against Defendant
Taylor Woodruff, et. al. v. Otte LACV009387 Negligence - Auto Accident Nile Hicks Doug Phillips; Pat Sealey Verdicts following additur for Plaintiff #1: $94,935.38 (less 50% fault); Plaintiff #2: $6,452.07; Plaintiff #3: $2,704.17
Pottawattamie Wills v State Farm LACV107405 UIM - Fault disputed, Comparative Fault Asserted, $25K underlying limits, 2 UIM policies with other insurance and setoff issues Richard Maher David Stubstad 50/50 Fault, $7,955 verdict for pl
Cerro Gordo Miller v. Steinwandt LACV068096 Negligence - Auto Accident James McGuire Darrel Isaacson Mistrial
Marshall Miller v. Barajas LACI007800 Negligence - Auto Accident, admitted fault Joanie Grife Jason Miller $19,109.16 in favor of Devin Riley; $15,154.02 in favor of Scott Miller
Linn Fisher v. Mercy Hospital LACV078107 Medical Malpractice Mark Liabo Christine Conover Verdict for Plaintiff: $353,000
Monday, August 04, 2014
Polk Jackson v. Breuss LACL127440 Negligence- Property Damage, Auto Accident Nile Hicks Courtney Vernon Verdict for the Defense
Polk Lotfipour v. Partylines LACL125060 Negligene / Common Carrier - Passengers injured when bus hit deer Fred Dorr Randy Wilharber & Adam Bates Continued
Johnson DeLaney v. Bogs LACV075090 Negligence: High school wrestler injured in bus accident Craig Levien Jacobson Verdict for Plaintiff: $645,780.59
Story Westco v. Wollesen LACV046817 Breach of Contract, Ongoing Criminal Conduct and Breach of Fiduciary Duty - COOP manager took bribes from Farmer for discounted products John Lorentzen, Nyemaster Samuel Blatnick, Kutak Rock Verdict for Plaintiff: $485,315 against Hartzler; $576,189 for Iowa Plains against West Central; other defendants dismissed
Scott Olvera v. Dr. Harold Mihm LACE121025 Medical Malpractice Brett Beattie Jennifer Rinden Verdict for the Defense
Johnson Town Square v. Greazley CVCV072344 Civil Rights Chappel Diaz Verdict for the Defense
Monday, July 28, 2014
Story Westco v. Wollesen LACV046817 Breach of Contract, Ongoing Criminal Conduct and Breach of Fiduciary Duty John Lorentzen, Nyemaster Samuel Blatnick, Kutak Rock See, above
Polk Barber v. Boe LACL127566 Negligence: Car v. Bike Rob Garver Kelly Otto Verdict for the Plaintiff: $3,463.14
Johnson DeLaney v. Bogs LACV075090 Negligence Jacobson Craig Levien See, above
Johnson Town Square v. Greazley CVCV072344 Civil Rights Chappel Diaz See, above
Monday, July 21, 2014
Dickinson Minger Const. v. Clark Farms, Ltd LACV025440 Breach of Contract David Lester Andrea Smook Jdgmt for Plaintiff $78,272.36
Dickinson Clasing v. Gould LACV025246 Negligence Steve Hamilton Scot Bauermeister Settled
Plymouth Sommerfeld v. Sheehan LACV033887 IIED & Crim Misch - Shot Dog Martha McMinn David Gill Voluntary Dismissal by Pl
Story Westco v. Wollesen LACV046817 Breach of Contract, Ongoing Criminal Conduct and Breach of Fiduciary Duty John Lorentzen, Nyemaster Samuel Blatnick, Kutak Rock See, above
Monday, July 14, 2014
Story Westco v. Wollesen LACV046817 Breach of Contract, Ongoing Criminal Conduct and Breach of Fiduciary Duty John Lorentzen, Nyemaster Samuel Blatnick, Kutak Rock See, above
Linn Kloos v. Archer Daniels Midland Company LACV078451 Premises Liability Joseph Happy Matthew Petrzelka, Petrzelka & Breitbach Partial Dismissal
Muscatine Resetich v. State Farm LACV021672 Auto Insurance/Debt Collection Eric Knoernschild William Bribriesco & Anthony Bribriesco Verdict for Plaintiff: $26,400
Plymouth Paul Bindner v. Titan Machinery LACV034683 Negligence - Inpection of Combine Robert Brock Jenna Green Settled
Johnson Provin v. Tomlonovic LACV073729 Negligence - Auto Accident James K. Weston II Bruce Walker
Webster Peters v. Trimark Physicians Group LACV316223 Medical Malpractice Max Kirk Joe Fitzgibbons Verdict for Defense: Case Dismissed
Fayette Bowers v. Franzen Negligence John Wagner Kent Gummert
Monday, July 07, 2014
Story Westco v. Wollesen LACV046817 Breach of Contract, Ongoing Criminal Conduct and Breach of Fiduciary Duty John Lorentzen, Nyemaster Samuel Blatnick, Kutak Rock
Black Hawk Duarte v. Kunkle Jen Chase Tim Hamann
Pottawattamie Cihacek v. Rutledge Auto Accident Christopher Welsh Andrew Johnson
Linn Sherrod v. Menards Premises Liability Richard Johnson Terry Abernathy
Monday, June 30, 2014
Pottawattamie Bach v. James Auto Accident Gregory Barnsten Scott Hindman
Monday, June 09, 2014
Polk Purdum v. Rosen Auto Accident James Bowers Allison Abbott Defense Verdict: Defendant at fault but did not cause the plaintiff's damages. 65% fault to plaintiff.
Polk Flatness v. Sullivan Robert Tucker Erik Bergeland
Polk Wardlow v. Fleming Malpractice Bruce Stoltze Thomas Joensen
Frederick Harris
Polk David Raye v. Auto Owners Auto Accident Russell Hixon Andrew Johnson
Pottawattamie Chadek v. Anesthesia Assoc. Medical Malpractice Steven Howard Patrick Vipond
Linn Jean v. Hy Vee Harlan Holm Terry Abernathy
Marshall Farmers Mut. Vs. Fincher Matthew Phillips Pro Se Defendant
Webster Kelley v. CPM Acquisition LACV316396 Product Liability: Design DefectNegligence Nile Hicks & Don Beattie Mark Schultheis Verdict for Plaintiff: $923,134.71; 45% fault to PL, 55% fault to Defendants
Mark Thomas
Michael Kuehner