Temporary Windows 8.1 compatibility issue on iowabar.org
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ISBA IT staff recently identified a compatibility issue with Windows 8.1, which may result in an error message when trying to access some pages on the ISBA website.

A user initially reported the issue to IT staff when an error page resulted after the user attempted to purchase an item from the online store. ISBA IT staff said the glitch affects any screen requiring a login from the main area of the page (not the left navigation login point). It is not for certain when this fix will be completed, however using an alternative browser is the temporary solution until a fix can be made.

The ISBA website host suggests that users with Windows 8.1 who are experiencing issues try usingFirefox or Google Chrome browsers. Users needing to use an alternate browser can download and install the programs from the browser links above.

The ISBA apologies for any inconvenience this may cause for members and is diligently working on a solution.