Unbundling continues to earn support, affords greater access
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As awareness of the benefits afforded by unbundled legal services is increasing within the profession, bar associations can play an important role in advancing public awareness. The ABA House of Delegates unanimously passed a resolution to support limited-scope representation in 2013. As the 2016 ABA Midyear meeting next month approaches, the ABA Division for Legal Services urges bar associations to consider how they can help pursue even greater support for unbundled legal services.


According to a recent article from the Bar Leader, an electronic newsletter from the ABA for bar association members, bar associations can advance unbundling and thereby expand access to those who may otherwise self-represent by:

  • Providing CLE programs to help lawyers understand the potential of unbundling for both pro se and practice representation;
  • Regularly bringing together practitioners who can share their experiences of providing unbundled legal services with one another;
  • Maintaining a directory of unbundling lawyers and promoting it anywhere those with modest means may be seeking help;
  • Making certain that newly admitted practitioners have a better opportunity to experiment with unbundling and share their experiences.

To support the benefits of greater public awareness that unbundled legal services present in terms of greater access, the article also highlights the findings of a national public survey completed in 2010 that informed the passage of the 2013 ABA resolution. The survey found that while 70 percent of people surveyed said that they were not familiar with the concept of unbundling, two-thirds reported that they would like to discuss the option with an attorney.


To read the full ABA article on unbundling, click here. Look for upcoming articles in the Iowa Lawyer Weekly and the Iowa Lawyer Magazine to learn more about the ISBA’s efforts to advance unbundling in order to expand access to legal services and ways to get involved.