Help needed in unauthorized practice of law violation
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The Iowa Supreme Court Commission on the Unauthorized Practice of Law is asking ISBA members to contact the commission if they have any knowledge of Kiara Jayne Eppinga’s advertising of divorce and marriage services, or Eppinga Legal Service.

On June 6, 2014, Chief Judge Duane Hoffmeyer of the Third District of Iowa issued a permanent injunction against Eppinga enjoining her from the advertising of legal services and engaging in the unauthorized practice of law within Iowa.

Eppinga, a non-lawyer, advertised her "marriage and divorce” services through her website and a Facebook page. In her advertisements she noted that because she was both an ordained minister and a former legal assistant she could "officiate your wedding or help you end a marriage with divorce….”

According to the complaint filed by the Commission on the Unauthorized Practice of Law, Eppinga was charging $200 for a "standard divorce” with additional fees for in-person consultations. She was also filing dissolution documents for individuals in Buena Vista and Humboldt counties using the EDMS system.

Anyone who sees evidence of this violation of the unauthorized practice of law should contact the UPL Commission at