Supreme Court seeks comment on the adoption of the UBE, effective Feb. 2016
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Chief Justice Mark Cady has signed an order adopting the Uniform Bar Examination as the examination for admission to the Iowa bar beginning in February 2016. The court requests public comment on proposed amendments to chapter 31 of the Iowa Court Rules incorporating the UBE into Iowa's bar admissions process. The deadline for submitting comments is no later than Sept. 4.

Last year, the court directed the Iowa Board of Law Examiners to study the UBE and provide a recommendation regarding possible adoption of the UBE and suggest potential improvements to the bar admission system in Iowa. To review the Board’s report, click here.

Those interested in providing public comments or learning more can view the order here or visit the Iowa Judicial Branch website, navigating to "About the Courts,” then clicking on "Supreme Court.” From the left navigation, click "Orders.” Public comments may be emailed to or mailed to the clerk of the Supreme Court. Those providing comments should review the order for formatting specifications.