Supreme Court issues orders on uniform bar exam, rules of professional conduct
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Recently, the Iowa Supreme Court filed three orders adopting amendments to Chapter 31 of the Iowa Court Rules to accommodate implementation of the Uniform Bar Exam, adopting updates to the Rules of Professional Conduct and amending Chapter 46 of the Iowa Court Rules.


Uniform Bar Exam (UBE)

The court officially adopted the UBE as the exam for all individuals seeking licensure in Iowa on Aug. 4, and requested comments on its proposed amendments to Chapter 31 of the Iowa Court Rules needed to incorporate the UBE. Based on those comments, the court issued the amendments, effective immediately, to chapter 31. A complete list of the nine amendments can be found here.


Rules of Professional Conduct

Amendments to the Iowa Rules of Professional Conduct in Chapter 32 of the Iowa Court Rules allow them to remain consistent with the American Bar Association’s Model Rules. This maintains uniformity with the rules of many other jurisdictions and allows attorneys to be familiar with the ethics rules of other jurisdictions where they may practice. It also facilitates legal research of ethical issues and interpretation of ethical obligations. Read the changes to the rules.


Chapter 46 of Iowa Court Rules

Adoption of the amendments last week adds a new section, 46.17, to chapter 46 of the court rules, along with other changes. Section 46.17 allows stenographic shorthand reporters from other jurisdictions to apply for certification in Iowa through reciprocity, provided they meet specified requirements. The full chapter with the new section added and other changes indicated can be found here.