Starting a Law Firm
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The idea of opening your own firm is exciting as you think about being your own boss. Keep in mind there is much more to consider when opening a law firm than just where you’ll hang your hat. Building a firm from the ground up, as a solo or as a member of a small practice, requires thought and organization. It also requires a lot of hard work, but can be exceptionally rewarding.

The business of operating a practice must be addressed when you are opening and managing your own firm before you can begin assisting clients, you must determine the location of the practice and assemble all the pieces to have a successful practice. Be sure to obtain the licenses and equipment required, and choose the appropriate software so that everything runs smoothly. When that first client walks in the door, you should be ready to serve.

Working with your first clients will be both exciting and stressful. To provide the best service possible and receive referrals in return, use standard forms and procedures so that nothing is overlooked. Thorough documentation and correspondence creates happier clients and protects you from grievances and malpractice claims.


Below are several resources as you begin your journey!

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