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What is SOLACE?
SOLACE, an acronym for Support of Lawyers/Legal Personnel – All Concern Encouraged, is a voluntary listserv program.

How does the program work?
Someone in critical need of assistance e-mails a request for help to the program administrator. The administrator sends an e-mail to the members of the listserv to see if they, or anyone in their network of family and friends, can help.

Who can sign up?
The program is open to all members of the extended legal community in Iowa and their families, including court personnel and law firm employees.

How do I sign up?
To join the program send an e-mail to

Why should I sign up?
Enrollment in the program creates a very easy way to help or be helped by our legal community.

Can I sign up anonymously?
You only need to provide an email to the state bar, but the requestor is never identified in the e-mails.

How much does membership cost?
There is no cost to enroll and members will never be asked for money.

What is my obligation if I sign up?
There is no obligation on the part of members. When you see a request, you need only respond if you can or want to help.

How often will I receive requests?
The volume of requests is typically less than one per month but this number may vary.

How do I respond to a request?
If you receive a request and believe you can help, reply to the sender. You will be put in touch with the person making the request.

How does SOLACE help members of the extended legal community?
The program is designed to provide services, guidance or other assistance when a critical need arises.

What kinds of requests are accepted?
Requests for referrals to medical specialists, donations of blood, assistance with travel related to doctor’s appointments or medical issues, etc.

Are there any requests that would not be accepted?
Requests for money, prayer chains, any form of substantive law practice support or referrals of a non-critical nature (i.e. looking for a job, handyman, etc.) would not be accepted.

Who is responsible for the administration of the SOLACE program and webpage?
The Iowa State Bar Association is responsible for both. Read examples of SOLACE at work.

Are there any rules for using SOLACE?

Members may not send requests for help outside the parameters of the program, prayer chains and requests for products and services not related to a dire need. Please update your e-mail address if it changes.


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