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SOLACE Support Program

SOLACE is an acronym for Support of Lawyers/Legal Personnel, All Concern Encouraged. The sole purpose of the program is to enable the legal community to reach out in a small, but meaningful and compassionate way to those judges, lawyers, court personnel, paralegals, legal secretaries, bar staff and their families who experience a death or some catastrophic illness, injury or circumstance.

What Support Does the Program Provide?
Members of the legal community notify the program administrator by sending an email to when they learn of some tragedy or dire circumstance occurring to someone in the legal community. Working with that member and close friends of the family, a determination can then be made as to what would be the most appropriate expression of support and concern. That can range from simply sending the family a card signed by recognized local and state leaders to providing the family with meals, needed support, assistance with grocery shopping or child care, or whatever the situation might warrant.

How SOLACE works

Each member provides an e-mail address that is added to the SOLACE network. When a request comes in for help, a group e-mail goes out to every member. Members read the e-mail and decide if they, or a member of their network of family and friends, can help and in what way. There is never any pressure to offer assistance—this is a purely voluntary organization.

If you need SOLACE’s help, please send an email to  If you would like to be a member who can help and wishes to receive SOLACE requests, please contact Harry Shipley. We want to hear from you!   

Read our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact Harry Shipley at

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