Supreme Court adopts amendments to rule for admission pro hac vice
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The Iowa Supreme Court adopted amendments to Iowa Court Rule 31.14 that specify the fee and registration requirements to practice pro hac vice before Iowa courts. The amendments were proposed by the Office of Professional Regulation and contain seven key provisions. The court’s action comes after consideration of public comments. Public comments were requested in a supreme court order filed Oct. 29. The changes take effect Jan. 1, 2017.

The amendments to Rule 31.14 include the requirement that applicants register and pay a $250 pro hac vice fee at the OPR website. Paying the fee will allow attorneys to file applications for admission pro hac vice in Iowa Courts for five years from the date of registration without paying additional fees. The pro hac vice fees collected will be deposited in the Client Security Trust Fund.

To see a summary of the amendments, read the complete order here. Read the full amended chapters at this link.