Supreme Court to continue business specialty court
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The Iowa Supreme Court issued an order last Monday that continues the Iowa Business Specialty Court as a component of the Iowa court system. The decision to continue the business court beyond the three-year pilot program that expires in May is due in part to the high overall rating from attorneys who’ve used it since its inception as a pilot program in May 2013.


Thirty attorneys who responded in the 2015 evaluation prepared by the state court administrator’s office stated they strongly agree (2.9 out of 3.0) that the business court should become a permanent component of the Iowa court system. The attorneys gave an average rating of 2.8 out of 3.0 to the statement: "I will seek assignment of qualifying cases to the business court in the future.” (See the full 2015 annual evaluation here.)


The business specialty court accepts a broad range of complex commercial cases with $200,000 or more in dispute. It is staffed by three judges with experience in handling complex issues facing businesses. Details on the criteria for a case to be assigned to the business court and additional information about the business court, including biographical information on the three judges, are posted on the Iowa Judicial Branch website at this link. The "Joint Consent Form for Case Assignment to the Business Court Pilot Project” can also be accessed at that link.


The court will conduct its third annual review of the business court during its 2016 administrative term beginning July 1. During that evaluation, it will determine if changes should be made to the eligibility criteria or other aspects of the project.