Supreme Court adopts proposed changes to professional regulation
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The Iowa Supreme Court yesterday adopted the proposed recompilation and amendment of chapters 34, 35 and 36 in Division III of the Iowa Court Rules governing professional regulation. However, the court reserved for further consideration, and did not currently adopt, proposed Rule 34.11, which would explicitly exempt disciplinary proceedings from all statutes of limitation. The changes take effect April 1.


The court’s action comes after consideration of public comments on the three chapters. Public comments were requested in a supreme court order filed Sept. 4.


The recompilation makes the procedure rules easier to use and includes only a few substantive changes. Amendments to Chapter 34 consolidate general administrative provisions, such as rules creating the disciplinary board and the grievance commission. Amendments to chapters 35 and 36 consolidate the rules governing procedure before the Attorney Disciplinary Board (35) and before the Grievance Commission (36).


To see a summary of the amendments to the three chapters, read the complete order here. Read the full amended chapters at this link.