Rural practice ‘meet and greet’ receives praise from attorneys and students
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Feedback from a sampling of the 20 rural attorneys and 28 students who participated in the ISBA Rural Practice Committee’s "meet and greet” event last Friday at the bar office indicated it was helpful and they were glad they attended. Attorneys said it was a great opportunity to meet a large number of potential hires in a short time in one location. Students were pleased with the chance to meet a number of prospective employers.


All of the attorneys who offered feedback said they met two or three students with whom they want to follow up for summer clerk or full-time associate positions this year. Most students said they had met multiple attorneys for whom they would like to work and would be contacting those attorneys.


The desired outcome of the meet and greet event is to introduce rural attorneys interested in hiring to students interested in working in a rural practice after graduation so they begin communicating with each other over the next few months. The goal is that the attorneys and students will find a mutually satisfying fit that results in job offers by summer.


Interested attorneys who were unable to attend the meet and greet are still able to connect with students by viewing the resumés posted on the Rural Practice Committee’s web page on the ISBA website. Presently, there are 30 resumés posted on the site. They can be viewed via this link, or by going to the ISBA website (, clicking on "Committees” in the "Member Groups” tab at the top, then scrolling down to "Rural Practice.”


Committee Chair, Phil Garland, and Staff Liaison, Steve Boeckman, are also available to assist attorneys and students hoping to find a match for the summer. Contact Garland at, or Boeckman at