U.S. Will Registry website makes locating wills easier
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A website designed to keep track of people’s last wills and testaments and their living wills hopes to reduce the inability of loved ones to find a deceased person’s will and an incapacitated person’s living will.

Developed after eight years of research and the guidance of 22 top retired estate planning attorneys throughout the country, the U.S. Living Will Registry offers attorneys the opportunity to register wills so that heirs or caregivers can locate the wills by filing a request with the registry. According to the registry’s website, studies show that 67 percent of wills that are written are never found because no one knows where the will is located.

Only attorneys can register wills with the registry website. To ensure the information is kept secure, the registration only asks for the location of the original and duplicate copies of the client’s will. In the case of a last will and testament, the person searching for the will is required to provide the deceased’s first and last names, last four digits of the person’s Social Security number, date of birth, as well as a death certificate to the attorney on file. If there is a match in the system, the registry will only forward the ‘searchers’ contact information directly to the attorney/office listed in the registration form for follow up.

To learn more, click onThe U.S. Will Registry website.