Prevent Problems with Your Lawyer
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Many problems can be prevented if you know what to expect from lawyers and how to deal with lawyers. Suggestions for avoiding problems include:

Have Realistic Expectations
Some people are dissatisfied with lawyers because they have unrealistic expectations. Ask your lawyer what to expect. How long will the matter take? About how much will it cost? What are the unpredictable factors?

Furnish documents and information to your lawyer promptly. In return, expect the lawyer to keep you informed and to give you copies of important documents.

Keep Current
If you change your address or phone number, let your lawyer know. If you change your mind about the legal matter, keep the lawyer informed.

Expect your lawyer to keep you informed of all important developments. If you are dissatisfied, let your lawyer know why. Write to confirm all important understandings.

Make sure you have an agreement as to your lawyer’s fees, in writing if possible.