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The Iowa Lawyer Magazine
There’s no better way to reach Iowa’s legal professionals than through the official publication of The Iowa State Bar Association, the Iowa Lawyer Magazine. This publication is included in membership with the bar and is delivered to over 8,000 ISBA members’ doors 11 times a year.

Iowa attorneys rely on the magazine to:
• Digest ideas, concerns, and opinions that affect the practice of law in the State of Iowa
• Get invaluable tips on law practice management
• Learn the latest technology and how to employ it effectively
• Stay informed on recent court decisions and new or pending legislation
• Discover new products, services, and practice techniques
• Keep up-to-date on colleagues

Notice the benefits of persistent, direct contact to the individuals and organizations sculpting the practice of law and the administration of justice in Iowa today by advertising in this magazine. No other publication gives you greater access to this professional market than the Iowa Lawyer Magazine.

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For questions, please contact ISBA Communications Director Ashlee Lolkus at or call 515-697-7896.

Annual Meeting Program

This program is an 8-page publication containing the complete schedule for one of the Bar’s most popular events, our Annual Meeting. With nearly 700 legal professionals from the State of Iowa and beyond attending this three-day event every year. The meeting is an excellent opportunity for advertisers to introduce, or re-introduce, their brand to Iowa attorneys and judges.

The Annual Meeting provides a valuable opportunity for attorneys and judges to come together to discuss matters of common concern, share ideas, and learn from one of the best CLE programs in the country.

The program, which is included in the May issue of the Iowa Lawyer Magazine, is mailed out to Annual Meeting past attendees, and is available as a handout at the actual event. It’s not uncommon to see Annual Meeting attendees walking around the venue with the program in hand. With so many opportunities for this publication to land in the hands of our members, advertising in this program is an excellent opportunity to get your brand or product seen over and over again.

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For questions, please contact ISBA Communications Director Ashlee Lolkus at or call 515-697-7896.

CLE Materials
The Iowa State Bar Association is responsible for more than 40 live continuing legal education (CLE) seminars along with countless telephone and webinars annually. For live seminars, and a majority of telephone seminars and webinar CLEs, materials are provided to event attendees. These materials include presentation outlines, PowerPoint slides, and other relevant information. This information is why members attend and why CLE materials are prime real estate for advertising.

Not only do attendees have the materials sitting in front of them for hours while they attend the event, most materials find a home at the attorney’s office. With such a variety of seminars put on by the ISBA, your company can selectively choose the type of seminars they would like to see their advertisement accompany.

Make your advertising dollars count by advertising in materials Iowa attorneys and judges want to have in their possession.

For questions, please contact ISBA CLE Director Christy Cronin at 515-697-7874 or