A message from Iowa State Bar Foundation President Paul Tyler
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I hope each of you have taken the opportunity to review the Iowa State Bar Foundation Annual Report contained in the most recent issue of the Iowa Lawyer magazine. In particular, I would call your attention to Bill Scherle's message as the outgoing ISBF President. Simply stated, the ISBF needs to significantly increase its assets if it is to continue to be a major source of support for the ISBA’s efforts in educating the public concerning legal concepts and fostering the improved administration of justice in the State of Iowa.

As noted in Bill's message, the ISBF is commencing a campaign to significantly increase the size of its assets and, as a centerpiece of that effort, is seeking 100 lawyers willing to contribute $10,000 to the ISBF (which amount can be paid at a rate of $1,000 per year). Each lawyer making such a gift will be recognized on permanent signage located near the ISBF Continuing Legal Education Center in the ISBA building. To date, we have firm commitments from at least 25 lawyers to make such a gift and tentative commitments from several more. The Iowa Judge's Association has also agreed to support this endeavor.

As you consider your year-end giving, please give serious consideration to becoming one of the 100 lawyers that we are seeking. If that is just not possible because of other outstanding obligations, please consider other more viable options such as: completing your initial pledge if you are an ISBF Fellow; stepping up your giving category if you are an ISBF Life Fellow; or if you are not an ISBF Fellow, letting us know of your interest in becoming one.


Pledge forms are included in the ISBF Annual Report and may also be obtained by clicking here or by contacting ISBF Liaison Mary Hill via email at isbf@iabar.org. Members of the ISBF Board of Directors and ISBF Fellows President Phil Garland welcome questions or concerns that you may have regarding the ISBF and the programs supported by it as do I. Please feel free to contact me directly via email at ptyler@dickinsonlaw.com or by phone at 515-246-4513 with any questions or concerns you may have as you consider joining us in this important campaign.