You and the Law: Health Care Power of Attorney video available to public
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The ISBA's Podcast Subcommittee of the Public Relations Committee recently released its newest "You and the Law” video regarding health care power of attorney. The video is a helpful guide for the public and for attorneys to share with clients who may be considering their options when facing difficult medical conditions.

"You and the Law” videos are located under the "Public Resources” drop-down menu on the top navigation bar of the ISBA website ( The page also contains a number of brochures and podcasts on various topics.

The informational multimedia products produced by ISBA sections and committees are meant to be used by the public and attorneys who want to offer basic information to clients on various issues. They are not an attempt to provide legal advice. The ISBA encourages viewers to consult with an attorney regarding legal matters to ensure their rights and interests are protected.

Questions or comments regarding the "You and the Law” series can be directed to Chris Fritz at 515-697-7873 or