Download Files for Member Mark Firms
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Requirements for Use of the ISBA Member Mark
The ISBA Member Mark can be used by ISBA active members* who have completed the ISBA Member Mark License Agreement process and agree to follow the terms and conditions of use. For more information on the requirements, please refer to the FAQs section.

How to download
To download the files, please right-click on the link and choose "Save Image As" (or control click on Mac and choose "Save Image As").

Low resolution files (JPG) are 72 dpi and should be used for web use only
 1" Member Mark Icon (Lawyer) 
 2" Member Mark Icon (Lawyer)
 1" Member Mark Icon (Lawyers) 
 2" Member Mark Icon (Lawyers) 

Medium resolution files (JPG) for print are 300 dpi and are recommended for business cards or letterhead styles
 Member Mark Icon (Lawyer) 
 Member Mark Icon (Lawyers) 
 .5" Icon
 .5" Icon
 1" Icon
 1" Icon
 2" Icon
 2" Icon

High resolution files (EPS) are scalable to any size and recommended for any professional printing services

Member Mark Icon (Lawyer)             Member Mark Icon (Lawyers)

Active Member is defined by ISBA bylaws, Sec. 1, as "Any person who is a Member in good standing of the Bar of this state shall be eligible for Membership in this corporation and shall be accepted as a Regular Member ("Member”) upon the payment of such Membership dues as are required by the Bylaws."