May VLP Pro Bono Cases
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BLACK HAWK: Minor guardianship.  Client seeks guardianship of six nephews while their father, her brother, recovers from stroke.

BLACK HAWK: Warranty.  Client purchased used vehicle.  Vehicle has needed multiple repairs. Client believes seller knew but did not divulge problems.

BLACK HAWK: Divorce. Client wants divorce. History of domestic violence. One child of marriage.

BLACK HAWK: Divorce. Client wants to be divorced. Separated several years. OP has history of domestic violence, assaults, OWI, mental health issues.  Parties have two children. No real property.

BLACK HAWK: Custody modification. Unmarried parents of one child. OP awarded legal custody about four years ago but DHS has removed child from his care and placed with client. DHS supports client having custody.

BLACK HAWK: Termination of guardianship. Client’s mother is guardian of client’s child. Client wants to terminate that guardianship and have child returned to her care.

CEDAR: Employment. Client has questions regarding a non compete clause.

CEDAR: Guardianship. Client would like his sister to take over guardianship.  They need help with the paperwork

CLAY: Divorce. Client wants divorce. Separated 2012. OP resides in another state and has expressed no interest in the parties’ one child. Domestic violence; criminal charges against OP in 2012. No property. Some debt.

CLAY: Divorce. Client seeks a divorce. Three children of the marriage, disestablishment is needed for one. CINA cases are open for the children due to abuse by opposing party, but concurrent jurisdiction has been granted.

CRAWFORD: Divorce. Client seeks a divorce. Client was abused during the relationship. One child of the marriage. Opposing party has been deported.

CRAWFORD: Divorce. Parties married, divorced due to opposing party substance abuse, and later remarried. Opposing party now relapsing, client would like a divorce. Previous divorce decree awarded client sole legal and physical custody of children.

CRAWFORD: Divorce. Client seeks assistance with a pending divorce action. One child of the marriage, a protection order is currently in place which addresses custody.

DALLAS: Divorce. Client wishes to be divorced from her abusive, estranged husband. Both parties want a divorce. Two children of the marriage, ages 16 and 18.

DALLAS: Divorce. Client seeks a divorce. Client has a protective order against opposing party, giving her custody of their child. Opposing party has not been exercising visitation.

DES MOINES: Divorce. Client is seeking a Divorce.  They have 2 children, and there was abuse throughout the marriage.

DES MOINES: Divorce. Client is seeking a Divorce.  There has been abuse involved and there is a current stalking injunction in place right now.

DES MOINES: Custody. Client is seeking a modification.  OP had children removed from home and client would like full custody.

DES MOINES: Custody. Client is seeking custody order.  There has been abuse to the client and on more then on occasion when OP has had visits with child he has failed to return the child.  Client is willing to go through mediation.

DUBUQUE: Divorce.  Client and OP married 12 years, separated since 2014, three children, OP is a drug user, was very abusive, and was recently arrested for various offenses including drug dealing.  

DUBUQUE: Real property.  While on pain medication, client signed a quit claim that added her now-ex-boyfriend to deed to her home, they separated because of his abuse of client, she needs to have him removed from deed.  

DUBUQUE: Name change.  Client unable to get driver’s license because his birth certificate and social security card have different sunames, needs to be able to drive to get work.  

FREMONT: Divorce. Client would like help with a divorce. Opposing party was convicted of sexually abusing a child, and is now in prison.

GREENE: Divorce. Client seeks divorce. Opposing party is in prison for assaulting client until 2020. The parties do not have any children in common.

HAMILTON: Divorce. Client seeks help with a divorce. Parties have three children together, attended marriage counseling several times, client has been subjected to physical and emotional abuse throughout the marriage.

JASPER: Divorce. Client is seeking a divorce. Opposing party was abusive in the past, but parties have been communicating and co-parenting well over the past year.

JASPER: Divorce Modification. Client would like help modifying the custody terms of her divorce decree. Opposing party has ongoing substance abuse problems, and visits with the child have been limited.

JOHNSON: Divorce. Client would like to file for divorce.  There has been physical abuse. They have one child together and have been separated since 2011.  OP is on the run at this time.

JOHNSON: Taxes. Client has not file state taxes in 2009,2010,or 2011.  He would like help setting up a payment plan.

JOHNSON: Divorce. Client is seeking advice for a Divorce.  She is being referred for advice only as there are potential assets. There has been a ton of physical abuse.

JOHNSON: Guardianship. Client is seeking a stand by guardianship.  She has a child with her ex husband who has been deported to Mexico.  However, she is now remarried and would like child to remain with current spouse if something happens to her.

JOHNSON : Debt Collection. Client has been in car accident and has a judgment against her.  She is willing to pay it off however, can’t find who she needs to pay it to.  She needs help with this.

LINN: Custody. Client and OP are unmarried parents of two children.  Protection order gives client custody of children and provides for supervised visitation by OP. OP has history of criminal behavior, drug addiction. Client wants to establish custody.

LINN: Divorce.  Client is respondent in divorce. Separated due to domestic violence. No children. Protection order in place. Pre-trial June 24.

LINN: Parental rights termination.  Client wants to terminate OP’s parental rights. Two children, ages 11 and 13.  Client’s husband wants to adopt.  Client and OP divorced in 2005.  OP is willing to cooperate.

LINN: Guardianship.  Client wants guardianship (possible adoption) of her late mother’s three adopted daughters (ages 13, 14, 17). Client’s mother died in March. 

LINN: Custody.  Client and OP are the unmarried parents of one child.  Child resides with OP.  OP sometimes withholds visitation, requires that visitation be supervised. Client wants to formalize custody, visitation.

LINN:  Custody modification. Unmarried parents of one child. History of severe abuse by OP. Client defaulted in custody action. OP has primary care and has consistently denied visitation, communication but client believes OP is in prison now and OP’s wife is caring for child.  Client would ultimately like primary care but is immediately concerned with visitation.

LINN:  Divorce.  Client is the respondent.  OP recently charged with domestic assault, OWI, eluding a police officer.  Protection order gives client custody of parties’ two children.

LINN:  Divorce.  Client and OP came to US as refugees.  Separated due to severe abuse by OP.  Client and four children have resided in Iowa since 2013. OP continues to occasionally threaten. Client believes will be safer once divorced.

LINN: Divorce. Client is respondent.  Custody of three minor children at issue.

LINN: Divorce. Client wants divorce. Separated two years.  Three children of marriage reside with client and OP exercises visitation. History of domestic violence but protection order dismissed. No real property.

LINN:  Divorce.  Client and OP separated five years. Three children all reside with client.  OP moved out-of-state and has very limited contact with children.  Child support order in place. OP not expected to contest.

LINN: Custody. Unmarried parents of one child.  For the most part, parties have maintained informal shared custody arrangement.  OP has on a couple of occasions threatened to take child away.  Client would like to formalize custody, visitation arrangement. 

LINN: Divorce. Client and OP separated 2012. One child of marriage.  OP has not seen child since parties separated. Client left OP due to domestic violence and alcoholism on part of OP. No property. Little debt.

LINN: Divorce. Client wants a divorce. Parties separated 2015 after client was assaulted by OP.  Criminal PO is in place and valid until 2020.  Client allows OP’s family regular visitation with parties’ three children.  Since his release from jail OP sees children when they visit his family.  No real property.

LINN: Custody. Unmarried parents of one child.  Separated one year. Child resides with OP and she allows visitation at her discretion and only at home of her parents.  OP also will not allow client to bring his other children, child’s half siblings, or other family to visit. Client wants formal custody arrangement that affords him regular visitation.  He is willing that client retain primary care.

LINN: Divorce. Client and OP separated July, 2015.  Protection order in place. PO gives client custody of two children.  OP has not expressed much interest in exercising visitation. No property or debt to divide.

LINN: Divorce. Client is respondent in divorce. Parties have one child and OP had asked court to determine placement.  Parties separated 2014. Child has always resided with client and client wants to retain primary care.

LINN: Divorce. Client and OP separated 2014.  History of domestic violence. OP has moved out-of-state.  OP has occasional phone contact with children. Child support in place. No real property, personal property divided. 

LYON: Divorce. Client would like a divorce and primary care of the children. Opposing party has threatened to come to Iowa and use his gun on her.

MADISON: Divorce. Client seeks help with a divorce. Opposing party has been abusive, there is a protection order in place, but opposing party continues to contact client through 3rd parties and stalk her. The parties have no children in common.

MILLS: Divorce. Client seeks help with a divorce. Parties have two children, and have worked out an informal visitation schedule.

MONTGOMERY: Divorce. Client seeks help with a divorce. Extensive history of abuse, two children of the marriage, opposing party has has his rights terminated to a child from another relationship.

MONTGOMERY: Divorce. Client would like help with a divorce. One child of the marriage. Current protection order addresses custody, but is set to expire in June 2016.

POLK:  Zakya M. - Child Support - client would like help getting the support that her father has paid since client's mother is now deceased.

POLK: Carl S. - Collection - client being sued for negligence in house fire.  According to client the cause was undetermined by fire department.  Lawsuit is for over $50K.

POLK: They Yee N. -Homeownership - Client 's first language is Burmese.  Interpreter is needed.  Client has a worker at EMBARC with whom we have permission to speak.  Client purchased home in May 2015.  The seller agreed to repair leak in the roof before sale.  Client does not believe the repair was made or if made was done very poorly.

POLK: Danny H. - client would like to get title to the home in his name.  His mother left the house to him in her will.  She died in 2010.  A probate action was never filed.

POLK:  Lilian Z. - Dissolution of Marriage - Whereabouts of spouse unknown.  One child of the marriage. No joint property or debts.

POLK: Lindsay H. - Tort Defense - Client served Petition in Equity-Abuse of Process, Malicious Prosecution in a Civil Proceeding, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.  Opposing party claims client made false accusations about him to DHS.  Trial date set for October 20, 2016.

POLK: Marlis E. - contract- client paid $6000 for an auto repair which was never made.  Wants to recover the funds.

POLK: Kenneth E. - disestablish paternity- paternity test found him not to be father.

POLK: Mary K. - Dissolution of Marriage - parties separated in 2005 because of domestic abuse.  Mary left spouse and their children in Canada.  The children still live there with him.  They have never lived in Iowa.  Client knows that custody will not be dealt with in this action as Iowa has no jurisdiction.  No property or debt remain from the time of separation.

POLK:  Nur A. - Dissolution of Marriage - no property or debt.  Youngest child of the marriage will turn 18 on May 18th.

POLK: Michelle H. - Dissolution of Marriage- no children, no property, no debt.  No contact order in place.

POLK: Elijah C. – Dissolution of Marriage- No children, no property, no debt.  Client is disabled and his wife has been abusive in the past.

POLK: Ashley H. – Tort Defense – client was in auto accident in October, 2014.  Has been sued for over 5K.  Client has filed an answer.  No trial date.

POTTAWATTAMIE: Taxes. Client would like help setting up an Offer In Compromise with the IRS. Client has a disability and currently has no income other than SSI/SSDI.

POTTAWATTAMIE: Adoption. Client is seeking help with a termination of parental rights and a step-parent adoption. Biological father hasn't seen the child in 2 years. Stepfather would like to adopt the child.

POTTAWATTAMIE: Custody. Client requests help establishing a custody order. Parties have one child, current informal agreement isn't providing enough stability for the child.

POTTAWATTAMIE: Divorce. Client seeks a divorce. Parties have two children together, opposing party is a member of a local gang and has a long criminal history.

POTTAWATTAMIE: Divorce. Client would like help with a divorce. Parties have 3 children in common. Opposing party has threatened to kill client, and client has had no contact orders for protection in the past.

POTTAWATTAMIE: Divorce. Client seeks a divorce. Parties have two children. Opposing party has been abusive to client and one of the children. There is a no contact order in place.

RINGGOLD: Minor Guardianship. Client is looking for help establishing a guardianship over her grandchild. The mother of the child has struggled with mental health disabilities and providing a stable home for the child.

Scott: Minor Guardianship. Client in Scott County wants to place her 17 year old son with a relative in Rock Island.  A guardianship is required so the relative can obtain health insurance for the son and so the son can attend school and participate in high school sports in Illinois. Both parents, the son, and the relative are all in agreement.

UNION: Custody Modification. Client has moved to another county, and parties have worked out alternate custody arrangement, though opposing party occasionally threatens to file for primary physical care. Client would like to change the order to reflect the current arrangement.

WARREN: Divorce Modification. Client is hoping for help with a divorce modification. Opposing party has been abusive, and continues to use the court process to abuse client. Parties have 3 children.

WOODBURY: Divorce. Client seeks help with a divorce. Three children, ages 14, 17 and 21. There is a long history of spousal abuse, and opposing party has never provided any financial support for the children.

WOODBURY: Homeownership/Real Property. Client purchased a home by land contract, but the sellers are hanging onto the deed for disputed closing costs. Client would like help getting the deed transferred.

WOODBURY: Divorce. Client would like help with a divorce from abusive husband. Opposing party has faced criminal charges for violating protection order.

WOODBURY: Custody. Client seeks help with a custody order. Parties have 4 children together, opposing party rarely visits the children and has very little contact with them.