Iowa Lawyer magazine schedule change
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In an effort to keep membership informed of their benefits, the ISBA has announced a change to the publication schedule of the Iowa Lawyer magazine.

To catch up to schedule and to ensure members receive the number of expected issues, the May issue was combined with the June issue, and there will now be separate July and August issues. Since 2010, the July and August issues have been combined due to a slower news-cycle in the summer.

The remainder of the 2014 publication schedule will remain unchanged.

In addition, the 2015 publication schedule will bring significant changes. The magazine will be upgraded from a 32-page, partially black-and-white magazine to a 40-page, full-color publication. Several months will be combined for an eight-issues-per-year publication schedule compared with the current 11 issues per year.

Readers who have questions regarding the schedule change or any other ISBA communication concerns, please email