ISBA weighs in on Madison County Courthouse gun incident
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ISBA leaders were quick to weigh in on an incident involving a gun in a Madison County courtroom last week. An individual who was being sentenced to a 10-year prison term on drug charges pulled a gun out of his pocket, brandished it around the courtroom then fled. He was arrested a short time later a few blocks from the courthouse.

President Guy Cook issued a statement last Friday (March 28) urging a review and implementation of security measures in county courthouses that were recommended in a 2005 report compiled by ISBA’s task force on courthouse security. This morning (April 2), President Cook issued followup statements to the Madison County Board of Supervisors’ decision late yesterday to ban all guns from the courthouse.

The supervisors’ decision makes Madison County the last of the 16 counties in the Fifth Judicial District to implement a ban on guns in the courthouse.