Forums to replace section listserves on ISBA website
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Forums to replace section listserves on ISBA website; switch planned for early December

The Iowa State Bar Association has migrated to a new member database program and updated its website over the last few months. Things are going well and the few wrinkles that have cropped up are being ironed out.

One of the exciting new features made possible by the new website technology is online forums. These will replace the outdated section listserves that have been used for years. The technology also makes it possible for committees to have their own forums.

The benefits of these new forums are greater flexibility for the members in how they want to participate, a more consistent mechanism for posting messages, and better search functionality as well as improved administration. Also, the very nature of the online forum concept provides for a feature many have been asking for -- a real-time online archive of the information posted.

Educational videos are being created to demonstrate how to access and post inquiries and responses on the forums. More information will be forthcoming in the next few weeks as the existing section listserves are phased out and the forums are phased in. The transition from listserves to forums will begin in early December starting with the section listserves.