Video provides update on ISBA legislative efforts
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ISBA Legislative Counsel Jim Carney highlights several of the association’s key legislative initiatives and provides an overview of the 2015 legislative session in a video recorded Monday, Feb. 2.

In the 10-minute video, Carney discusses at length the bar’s efforts to increase the hourly rate attorneys receive for representing indigent defendants, higher caps on expert witness fees and the bar’s position on a proposal, House Study Bill 43, which will allow residents from anywhere in the state to apply for open judgeship positions. Presently, applicants for open judgeships must reside in the judicial district or sub-district where the opening exists.

He also touches on:
· The overall state budget, which he says will be tight for the upcoming fiscal year.
· Making probate costs uniform across the state and standardizing the assets that are included in calculating those costs.
· Tort immunity, which the association has historically opposed, on such activities as sledding accidents and school incidents.

View the complete update video here.