General Law Related Education/Civic Education Resources
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The Iowa State Bar Association is please to offer this set of materials to assist educators in teaching about the Bill of Rights in the classroom. It is our hope that teachers throughout Iowa will find the information and teaching strategies contained below useful. We encourage you to invite Iowa lawyers, judges and other legal professionals to visit your classroom to work with students on the meaning, history and current application of the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. 

Activities & Exercises

Teaching the Bill of Rights (full booklet)
The Bill of Rights
Find  Your Rights (K-8)
Rights in Rogertown (K-3)
Rights and Responsibilities (2-3)
Rank Your Rights (3-12)
Space Colony Exercise (4-12)
Bill of Rights Opinion Poll (5-12)
The Bill of Rights Applied (7-12)
Bill of Rights Bingo (7-12)
The Pencil Game