Statewide judicial residency bill moves to Iowa House
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In the state legislature, the House Judiciary Committee has approved a bill (HF 260) changing the current residency requirements for judicial applicants. The bill now moves to the entire house of representatives for debate.

The bill, which was requested by the Judicial Branch, specifies that a district court judge must be a resident of the appropriate judicial district or judicial election district before taking office. The effect of HF 260 is to allow judicial applications on a statewide basis as compared to the state’s current methodology which requires judicial applicants reside within the judicial district.

For example, with the passage of HF 260, an attorney in Burlington could apply for a judgeship in Spencer. An attorney from Decorah could apply for a judgeship in Shenandoah. The Iowa State Bar Association Board of Governors has adopted a position to oppose statewide judicial appointments and supports the current methodology.

Those interested in contacting state legislators to express opinions regarding HF 260, may do so by telephone or by email. The legislator's contact information can be found here.