ISBA isolates compromised email
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Earlier this week, a suspicious email went out to the Probate list serve. The ISBA Information Technology Department was in contact with the originating firm who verified that an employee’s email account was compromised.

The member was a legitimate member of the section, and therefore the list serve simply forwarded the message as normal. However, the server’s spam and virus filter screened the illegal ZIP attachment, replacing it with a benign text attachment. If anyone on the list attempted to open the attachment, the member would have received a message about the removed attachment.

Several members reported the suspicious email, and the firm is working to resolve the issue. Until there is a satisfactory resolution, the violating email address has been removed from the list serve and members should disregard the post.

Anyone who notices suspicious activity within the list serve should contact the ISBA's IT Department immediately at or 515-697-6891.