Iowa Lawyer Weekly (06/11/2014)
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June 11, 2014
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Look for these new features at next week’s annual meeting

Several new features will distinguish this year’s annual meeting from those in past years. Attendees will have the opportunity to evaluate a plethora of technical tools to make the law practice easier, more efficient and more secure on Thursday afternoon. They’ll be able to dance and sing off the pent up energy created by sitting in meetings all day during the YLD’s Dueling Pianos social event on Tuesday night. And, they can keep track of everything going on at the meeting, including being able to get outlines and bio information on speakers, via a new app for smart phones, tablets and computers.

Tech show: Want to find out more how attorneys get hacked and what you can do about it? Attend the ISBA’s second annual tech show, specifically the 2:40 p.m. Thursday Litigation Track presentation by Tom Mullins with LMG Security. He’ll talk about a 12-step security program you can use to protect yourself and your practice.

Mullins’ presentation is just one of the 21 presentations being offered as part of the tech show. Best of all, these presentations are free to annual meeting registrants, and only $35 each for members and their office staffs who aren’t able to attend the entire annual meeting. An additional $25 walk-in fee will begin on June 19. Learn more…

Dueling Pianos: Journey up to the Grand Ballroom on the fourth floor of the Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center (formerly Vets Auditorium) at 7 p.m. Tuesday for a three-hour singing and dancing (or just watching) session featuring two people dueling it out on pianos. The session is free thanks to the sponsorship of ARAG, a global provider of legal solutions. ARAG will be handing out a limited number of tickets good for a free cocktail drink. No drink ticket? Never fear, beer is being provided free courtesy of the ISBA. Click here for more information.

Annual meeting app: Sometimes it can be a challenge during a convention to figure out what sessions or social events you want to attend and when and where they’re being held. ISBA's new app designed and built for this year's annual meeting significantly reduces that challenge. Download the app on your computer, iPhone, iPad or Android-based phone or tablet and you’ll have all of the information at your fingertips. Best of all if anything changes, the changes will be pushed out to the app, so you’ll have up-to-the-minute accurate information.

It’s best to download the app before you get to the meeting. That way you can create your schedule (or at least the must-see portions of it) before you arrive. Here are the instructions for downloading the app, as well as much more information on what it can do.

Public notice for appointment of a US Magistrate Judge

The United States District Court for the Southern District of Iowa has a vacancy for a Magistrate Judge position. Applications must be received no later than July 14. For details regarding the vacancy click here.

ISBA Public Service Project presents forum on Access to Justice Commissions

For the past decade, there has been a movement in the Access to Justice community across the country. This movement has seen the development of 31 state Access to Justice Commissions. These commissions develop and implement solutions that ensure people of limited means have meaningful access to civil justice.

The ISBA Public Service Project will host Steve Grumm, Director of the Resource Center for Access to Justice Initiatives at the American Bar Association, during an informational forum at the ISBA annual meeting. From 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Thursday, June 19, in room 321 of the Community Choice Credit Union, formerly known as Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Grumm will discuss Access to Justice Commissions. All interested bar members, judges, community leaders and conference attendees are welcome to attend.

New apps make viewing/editing word documents and PDFs easier on Apple devices

A number of new apps for the iPhone and iPad make it easier for users of those devices to "open, create, view and edit Microsoft Office documents,” according to an article in last week’s (June 3) Law Technology News. Author John Edwards describes four relatively inexpensive apps that Apple device users can purchase and what each of those apps will do. Here, in his words, are the descriptions of the four apps. More details about the apps, and the ability to download them can be found by clicking on each one.

"Reviewer 7 – allows iPad users to view and study most Microsoft documents, including tracked changes and comments. The app also accurately renders and displays a variety of complex Word formatting features, including footnotes, page headers, page footers, tables, paragraph numbering and text frames. It also provides Word-to-PDF conversion and access to email attachments. Requires iOS 7. Not iPhone compatible. Price: Free (Review Tools add-on: $1.99).

"Office Reader: For Microsoft Office – helps iPhone and iPad users open, create, view and edit Microsoft Office documents with access to popular formatting functions. The app also gives users the ability to convert Word documents into PDF files, to view and add PDF highlights and annotations, and to fill in forms and sign documents. 
Price: $9.99.

"FileApp -- runs on both iPhones and iPads to let users view documents in many different file types, including Microsoft Word and PDF.
 The app can store files and folders directly on the iOS device. FileApp also provides access to email attachments. Optional file encryption is also available. Price: Free (several features require the purchase of a 99 cent add-on tool).

Files Pro: Document Reader -- provides high-quality views of Microsoft Office and PDF documents on both iPhones and iPads. Scroll bars speed file and content access. 
Users can also add bookmarks to documents for quick access to often-viewed sections or jump directly to a specific page in long documents.
 Full cloud storage integration with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive. The app also supports USB file transfers via iTunes. Price: $4.99."

ISBA tech support limited today

Both of the ISBA’s IT staff members are out of the office today, so technical support related to IowaDocs, emails, listserves, etc., will be extremely limited. The situation will ease tomorrow (Thursday) and for the rest of the week when one of the IT staffers returns to the office.

Tech support will also be limited Monday-Thursday of next week when all ISBA staffers will be at the 2014 Annual Meeting. Every attempt will be made to field tech support questions next week, but there may be a longer-than-normal response time.

In the meantime, if you have an emergency technical question today, please call the ISBA main number at 515-243-3179, and the receptionist will try to find assistance for you.

No newsletter next Wednesday

There will be no Iowa Lawyer Weekly newsletter next week (June 18) since all staff members will be working at the 2014 Annual Meeting. The publication will resume on Wednesday, June 25.

The Iowa Lawyer Weekly is an electronic newsletter published every Wednesday. Please submit comments, letters to the editor, articles, or photos, to Contact information should be included with submissions. The ISBA reserves the right to refuse any submission, but will take all submissions into consideration for future publication.

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Iowa Supreme Court Decisions

June 6, 2014

No. 12-2120

Appeal from the Iowa District Court for Polk County, Robert A. Hutchison, Judge. A claimant under the Iowa Tort Claims Act appeals a district court decision dismissing some of his claims. REVERSED AND CASE REMANDED.

No. 12-2310

On review from the Iowa Court of Appeals. Appeal from the Iowa District Court for Pottawattamie County,

Charles D. Fagan, Judge. The State appeals a decision by the juvenile court to waive sex offender registration. DECISION OF COURT OF APPEALS VACATED; DISTRICT COURT JUDGMENT AFFIRMED IN PART AND REVERSED IN PART; CASE REMANDED FOR FURTHER PROCEEDINGS.

No. 12-0800

Appeal from the Iowa District Court for Clayton County, Richard D. Stochl, Judge. A surviving spouse appeals a district court ruling on her claim for recognition of her homestead interest in property sold by administrators of decedent’s estate. AFFIRMED AS MODIFIED AND REMANDED WITH INSTRUCTIONS.