President-elect Feller issues challenge to raise funds for Iowa Legal Aid
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Joe Feller, ISBA president-elect, announced at the quarterly Board of Governors meeting on March 26 that the ISBA leadership and Iowa Legal Aid have taken another step forward on their mission to continue to find sources for funding for programs that provide equal access to justice.

Following in the example of his predecessors, President-elect Feller and a large majority of the current Board of Governors joined together to pledge individual, voluntary contributions, totaling slightly more than $4,000, which will now be available when Iowa Legal Aid hosts its annual Equal Justice After Hours event on April 10 at The Temple for Performing Arts in Des Moines. Bar leaders are challenging the guests at the event to donate the same amount in order to receive a dollar-for-dollar match up to $4,050.

Feller stated that he is very proud of the generosity demonstrated by the governors. "They have set an example for our membership,” he said. "From time to time, we need to be reminded that our Iowa Rules of Professional Conduct state that we should voluntarily contribute financial support to organizations that provide legal services to persons of limited means. The collective effort taken this week by the governors individually to voluntarily contribute their own personal funds to Iowa Legal Aid was just what the rule calls all lawyers to consider.”

Early in April, President Guy Cook and Executive Director Dwight Dinkla will travel to Washington D.C. to participate in ABA Day, and will be talking to elected officials about funding for access to justice programs.