Criminal Law Seminar hot topic: Synthetic drug trends and policies to change them
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Synthetic drug trends in Iowa and the policies designed to combat them is expected to be the hot topic at the 2014 Criminal Law Seminar to be held this Friday, May 2, at the ISBA headquarters in Des Moines.

Popularized synthetic drugs are hitting the market as ‘legal’ alternatives, making drug prevention and enforcement a serious problem. A group of panelists will discuss what attorneys need to know when dealing with client cases of this nature.

Additional topics for this year’s seminar include a legislative update, attorney qualifications for representing the indigent defendant, immigration issues and the criminal defendant, representing the juvenile in adult court, drug trends and conflicts in criminal representation. This CLE qualifies attendees for eight credits including two ethics credits.

Members interested in attending this day-long CLE can register online for the 2014 Criminal Law Seminar up until May 1. Questions about this event can be directed to Christy Cronin, director of Continuing Legal Education, at or by calling 515-697-7874.