Iowa courthouse photobook available for purchase
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Early last spring, authors of Prairie Jewels – Iowa’s Courthouses were crowd-sourcing their 207-page photobook. Their Kickstarter campaign, which required $5,000 worth of pledges before the project could be funded, received an overwhelming number of responses, and the book recently went to print. 


The book, a compilation Iowa’s 100 courthouses in panoramic images and researched narratives, is now available for online order through the website


"Neither of us had used Kickstarter before,” said Michael Adams, one of the book’s authors. "We read that only 10 percent of projects actually get funded before the end of the campaign. We watched everyday as totals grew until we actually met our goal. It was exciting.”


As the authors checked their Kickstarter app, they were thrilled that just a week before the campaign was to end, they had reached their goal. The campaign closed with more than $6,000 in pledges. Getting the word out made a big impact, Adams said. He reported that 40-50 percent support came from attorneys alone. 


The authors are appreciative of the support the campaign received. Adams has been a writer, photographer, speechwriter and editor during a rewarding career in journalism, public relations and marketing, and David Richmond, the originator of the book idea, is a professor of art at Simpson College and has enjoyed wide-ranging experiences in graphic design, photography and visual storytelling over his 30-year professional career.