ALERT: Clerks’ offices to close again, judicial employees to be laid off?
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This week, ISBA leadership was notified that the Iowa Judicial Branch may not receive any new money from the Iowa Legislature for fiscal year 2016. If this occurs, the state will likely re-live a situation similar to Fiscal Year 2010 when clerks’ offices were put on part-time status, 12 percent of the workforce was laid off, travel restrictions were placed on all court personnel and court dockets were delayed.

In response to the news, State Court Administrator David Boyd prepared a memo for judicial branch personnel and others regarding the status of the budget. The memo, available here, provides a breakdown of the budget with expectation details if the situation remains unchanged.

ISBA leadership encourages members to contact Iowa legislators to tell them to keep clerks’ offices open. The Iowa Judicial Branch has done more in the last few years to operate efficiently than any other branch of government; presently, the courts operate with more than 100 fewer employees than in 2009. Those efforts should not go unrecognized. Legislator contact information can be found on the legislative branch website here. Act now to keep court resources available for all Iowans.