ISBA Caselaw listserv summarizes recent appellate opinions
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Some attorneys may not know that new court opinions are typically available each week online. The Iowa Supreme Court files opinions Fridays, and the Iowa Court of Appeals files opinions biweekly on Wednesdays. Attorneys can use these appellate opinions to keep up to date on important developments in Iowa case law.

Caselaw updates, offered by the ISBA, provide member-subscribers with brief summaries of Iowa appellate court decisions as opinions become available. Caselaw email editions include direct links to complete slip opinions. Attorneys can use Caselaw’s direct links to selectively review the cases that will keep them up to date on the important developments in specific areas of law. More information about ISBA’s Caselaw listserv and the free member subscription is available on the ISBA website.

The Iowa Judicial Branch also offers a free email notification service for recent Iowa Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions.